Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello, Gorgeous!: You Siren.

Some people are not so good with the makeup application. Marilyn Manson, for example, doesn't appear to know what he's doing. Neither did Tammy Faye Bakker, and speaking of, there was a spider in the condo the other day with legs EXACTLY like her eyelashes. (It was also the fastest spider I've ever seen, so maybe it had abnormally developed leg muscles.) Anyway, the fear of looking like either of those people usually prevents me from trying anything new on my face. Usually.

Maybe it's leftover brain clog from when I played basketball, but I still use the phrase "go big or go home." I don't change up my cosmetic routine that often, but when I do, I want it to count:

That's red lipstick. Retro Red, actually, from New York Color. I think I bought this around the time of my last birthday, but I forgot I had it until a few weeks ago. When I first wore it in December, I was really pale and looked kind of like a vampire, but now that it's summer and I have a healthy glow, I look like a mortal when I put it on. Which is a plus.

Another plus is the price. Get ready... it's a dollar! I've been happier with this lipstick than others that are much more expensive. It's smooth without being too shiny, and it stays on my lips (as opposed to my teeth, which are not red).

The third and final plus is that N.Y.C. is sold all over the damn place, so you shouldn't have any problems unleashing your inner bombshell. Go forth and enjoy.


  1. So fun! I love cheapie makeup to expiriment with and its even better when it works great. Have you checked out ELF? all of there stuff is amazing and everything is like 3 bucks even there studio line!!

  2. awesome! i love NYC for cheap stuff but had never tried the lipstick... i tend to hate lipstick unless it's super-long-wear, because it ends up all over everything! but i've been looking for a nice red for occasionally... will check it out! (however, i'm pretty sure that in boston even NYC runs a couple of bucks...)