Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holi-Daze: Costume Conundrum

Here's something interesting:

We have nearly identical Cleopatra costumes. The one on the left is from Spirit Halloween, and is $39.99. The other is from Party City, and comes in at $49.99. Hmm.

And check out this Bride of Frankenstein wig:

Party City and both sell it (and use the same picture!), yet BuyCostumes can get it to you for $5 less. Hmm!

Now, a costume for the munchkins:

The "Adorable Witch" from Target (left) is $14.99. For that price, you get the dress, hat, and belt. An eerily similar "Adorable Witch" is available at--you guessed it!--Party City (right) for $19.99, and also includes the dress, hat and belt. HMMM!

I'm a fan of DIY Halloween costumes, but I know some people prefer to buy them. If you're in that group, I think we've discovered a place you should skip.

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  1. Thanks for linking.!! All those costumes would be great for Halloween. I remember the excitement of Halloween as a kid.