Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ma, Look What I Got: Resting Easy

I occasionally forget that sales at Macy's go Friday (or sometimes Wednesday) through Sunday. At the beginning of the month, I wandered into Macy's on a Tuesday and I was all, "Why isn't anything on sale? What a bunch of SCAM ARTISTS!" But then I realized I was a day early, so I left and came back when the sale was actually happening.

Months ago, when my husband and I established that, yes, the bedding he'd had since high school would have to go, we also decided that no matter where we bought the new stuff, it would have to be marked down or we weren't getting it. I saw on that bedding would be part of their Labor Day Sale, so once I knew when it actually began, I dragged my husband back and we bought this:

We don't make our bed quite so artistically, but you get the gist. It's called Quill, and the entire collection was marked down the day we went. Let's crunch some numbers.

Full/queen duvet cover= $99.99 (regular price $135)
Standard pillow shams= $39.99 ($60)
Peacock decorative pillow= $29.99 ($45)
Green decorative pillow= $39.99 ($60)
White decorative pillow, not pictured= $39.99 ($60)
Down alternative comforter and 2 pillows= $50 ($120)

Total: $299.95 ($480).

By waiting a few measley days, we saved $180.05! Which works out nicely since I learned today that getting one's wedding dress professionally cleaned ain't cheap...

So not only is the bedding cute and inexpensive, but it's soft, yet crisp, and good for going back to sleep after your husband leaves for work. If you're in the market for something new yourself, you can still get it on sale at