Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Miscellaneous: History Buff Part 2

Okay, things are more under control at work today, so I can get back to business on here. As promised, details about the historical reenactment we were a part of this weekend:

Well, I have to re-phrase that. My outfit passed the historical accuracy test, but my husband's did not (not that he tried very hard). When we got to the ticket booth to pay, the cashier thought I was one of the reenactors who just go there late. Nope, sorry. Just a fan of the past. We found a friend, who plays a German soldier, and he said my look was "spot on."

That blouse I already had (it's from Express, actually, which isn't the place I think of when I need something old fashioned), and the skirt and shoes are from Goodwill. I think I spent $12 total on my look for the day.

That hairstyle was a HUGE PAIN to replicate, but it lasted all day. It even kind of stayed after I took out the bobby pins, but that was probably because of all the hairspray I used, and not really because of the style itself. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but it was just a bun. The red lipstick and screwback earrings I already owned.

And that's a better look at the herringbone weave on the skirt. And, I guess, the bow on my blouse.

Now, since I was considered "historically accurate," I got to help my friend in the cafe while her soldier was off in battle. Said cafe was supposed to be in France, and since a lot of the reenactors speak at least some of their character's foreign language, I felt like I should take a stab at it. I know how to say "hello," "goodbye" and "thank you," but anything else is just food vocab I learned from Top Chef. I think the only word I got to use was fromage. And baguette, but I was referring to a cookie and not an actual baguette.

While I was butchering French like a cavewoman, my historically inaccurate husband chilled at a cafe table and snacked all afternoon. So it worked out nicely for everybody! We're thinking about getting a better costume for him and going again, because it was AWESOME.

Has anybody else ever done something like this? Comment!