Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On the Cheap: Da Bears

My dad is pretty funny. Over the years, he's amassed quite the collection of merchandise for DA BEARS, including but not limited to: t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, drinking glasses, beer mugs, coffee mugs, pens, paper, Christmas ornaments, and several books. Thankfully, he has never wanted to go this route:

Official jerseys are HORRENDOUSLY overpriced. It doesn't matter if that guy is one of their best players (and he must be, because I see these things everywhere), I'm not willing to spend $80 for a shirt with his name on it. Apparently Dad isn't, either. Smart man!

If you DO feel the need to show your devotion to specific players, head to JC Penny:

Well, my stars! It's the same thing for less money! Normally, this jersey is $60 at Penny's, but it's on sale for $49.99.

Score! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)


  1. Yes, pro sports apparel is incredibly overpriced, especially authentic jerseys. As you mention, you can get non-authentic jerseys at JC Penny, and they're also available at places like Target, Kohl's and Marshall's for around $40. I'm pretty sure I saw a Derek Lee jersey for $30 once.

    The difference between the authentic and the non-authentic is that the name, number, and so on are embroidered on the authentic, and all that stuff is iron-on on the non-authentic.

    I once spent $120 on an authentic Philadelphia Flyers hockey jersey with no name or number on the back. In comparison, I spent $25 for a non-authentic Sammy Sosa jersey at the height of his popularity.

    One of the biggest rackets I know is sports memorabilia. But, the only reason this stuff is so expensive is because people are willing to pay.

  2. But it's so SILLY that people are willing to pay. No offense.