Friday, October 9, 2009

Holi-Daze: Costumes Under $15

On The View today, there was some Halloween costume expert who brought along fancy, packaged examples. As I was watching, I was like, "What a n00b. All of those can be done for under $15." So I'm here to prove it. According to her, the most popular Halloween costume of '09--beating out vampires, wizards, and Star Trek characters--will be the Kate Gosselin wig.

That is eerie.

If you're fortunate enough to not know who Kate is, let me tell you. That's her on the left, openly pimping out her 8 children to make a quick buck (although, from what I hear, that money wasn't managed too well--oops!). On the right is the wig, which you can get on sale for $12.99. Or you could go rogue and cut your own hair for free, but I think I'd spring for the piece. You can wear your own clothes when dressing as Kate, so $12.99 is all you'll spend.

Continuing with the other costumes from the expert, let's discuss vampires. This woman was going on and ON about Dracula, blah, blah, blah, vampires are so cool now you guys, go wear a cape! Except the popularity of vampires has nothing to do with Dracula (which is a shame) and everything to do with Twilight. Bella and Edward don't go prancing around in capes. They go to high school. This is handy for DIY costumers, because you can wear your own dark-colored clothing. If you decide to be ambitious and go as the Edward-sparkles-in-the-meadow scene, you can add body shimmer for $2.99.

Finally, let's talk wizards. Again, everybody knows I don't mean Merlin. You have a couple of options when dressing as Harry and Co. If you, or anybody you know, graduated from college and got to keep their black graduation robes, you already have your wizard getup. You could also do the "casual" Hogwarts uniform of a grey or black sweater, white button down shirt, and black pants; things most people already have. Once you get the outfit squared away, you can show your House colors with a sweet pin for $6.

Have you picked a costume yet? Are you going the DIY route, or did you spend the big bucks? Or maybe you thwarted fate and got a store-bought costume for a good price! Share in the comments.

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  1. I'm waiting for a certain DIY genius to assist me at DIYing my costume via VD :)
    (all those acronyms made me feel special agent-y)