Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the Cheap: Seeing Double

I don't remember exactly what I was looking at on my computer yesterday, it was probably or something equally mesmerizing, but whatever I was doing immediately stopped when I saw THESE:

Cobalt blue pumps with crystal... pirate accessories... tend to catch one's eye. The above are what I saw flashing in an ad for I was like, "Hmm. Only $149? That can't be right. Didn't I just see those at...


Yes. Yes, I did. I didn't work them into the other post, but they still burned themselves into my brain: Manolo Blahnik's "Something Blue" satin pump. Granted, the picture from Neiman's is much nicer, but it's not an $800 price difference kind of nice. Not only is Neiman's still selling these shoes even though various discount sites have gotten their hands on them, but they're selling them at FULL PRICE. $945, to be exact.

Not that I condone spending even $149 on electric blue Captain Hook shoes, but mathematically speaking, 84% off is impressive.


  1. impressive. i'm not sure i'm in love with these, although i HAVE been on the hunt for some cobalt shoes. i'd never pay that price, even at 80% off, though ;)

  2. I'm positive you would be singing a different tune if these babies were purple...

  3. I would like them more in purple, but still not enough to ever buy them. Those buckles are just scream "shanty on the open sea."

  4. for a second there i was sure darlene was talking to me! o_O paige, you're a purple addict, too? :D

  5. Oh, yes! In fact, I wanted to wear a purple wedding dress. No joke.