Monday, January 11, 2010

On the Cheap: Clearance Coats

Did you know that if there's a gas leak in your house the firefighters will evacuate you? Oh yes. We learned that last night.

I got home from work and smelled gas in our entryway. My husband said it had been that way for a few hours and that the handyman for our complex come by and said nothing was wrong. To which I said, "If nothing is wrong then why do I SMELL GAS?" I started to get sick, and the smell got worse, so we called the fire department. Turns out, the empty unit across the hall had the leak, and it had built up so much that the fumes were creeping over to us. Some cleaning or repair person had been working on it and messed up the connection to the range. Awesome!

Anyway, we had to skedaddle while they aired everything out. The wind chill was below zero again, so today I find myself in the mood to look at coats! Victoria's Secret has some lovely ones on clearance:

Left to right: the grey A-line is now $59.99, the plaid is $64.99, and the classic wool trench is also $59.99. I'm kind of eye-balling the grey one, but I think Chicago wind would blow right in there. Shame.

On a totally unrelated note, the firefighters from last night were very nice. If any of them harbor a secret love of bargains and ever stumble upon this: thank you! We appreciated your help.

Anybody else ever had a gas leak?

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  1. Great choice for good money.
    I like most the Grey one