Monday, January 18, 2010

On the Cheap (sort of): Almost, Tina!

So, I missed the red carpet for the Golden Globes last night because I may or may not have been watching football again. (I know, I know, it's weird. But I half-jokingly predicted who would go to the Super Bowl months ago, and so far I'M RIGHT. [Colts and Vikings, by the way.] So now I'm compelled to watch, if only to rub in the faces of my male co-workers.) Anyway, until I made the rounds on my fashion blogs this morning, I only saw the outfits of whomever went onstage. Apparently, I missed a lot.

I checked three different sites, and all of them HATED what Tina Fey wore. Maybe I love her so much that I'm totally unable to make a rational, unbiased decision, but I like it!

It's about two inches too long, but aside from that I don't see the problem! It's a little on the kooky side, but guess what? That's kind of how she is. I think it suits her, and if she only got it hemmed a little more it would've been perfect.

The other sites were complaining about that silhouette, which is SILLY. Now I'm forced to un-do the damage they've done to full-skirtedness! Behold:

See?! Pretty! All of them can be found on this site, which has a fun "search by era" option. From left to right they are $116, $88, and (ahem) $500. You can probably guess, but the last one is real vintage.

So, are you a fan of the big skirt? Or do you think Tina Fey looked a fool? Comment!


  1. i ADORE circle skirts. love the middle silhouette especially. they're just so feminine and flattering on just about everyone. that said, i think tina's dress is pretty ugly, but i think it's because of the tiering-- it makes her look like a bell or a cake or something. this silhouette should be smoother.

  2. Gaaah, it DOES look like a cake! That makes me like it a little less.

  3. I like the top portion, something about the skirt is wrong.