Thursday, January 14, 2010

Web Gem: Cheer up, Bella!

I have several issues with Twilight, including the fact that Bella Swan is the least enjoyable main character in the history of books. (I won't even call it literature, that's how terrible I think she is.) Even IF Twilight was penned by somebody who knew how to make a decent protagonist, I think I'd still cringe because Kristen Stewart is a big whiner, too:

This is today's shirt over at TeeFury. And I think they're probably calling Bella the mope, as opposed to Kristen, but I think it works for either gal.

Let's have a look at the closeup, shall we?

It has everybody's favorite lip bite AND a tiny broken heart in the upper left corner!

If you want to snap one up for yourself, it'll only cost you $9. The downside is that TeeFury reveals a new shirt every 24 hours, so you need to order today--as in, before midnight Eastern time.

I won't keep you any longer; get your mope on.

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