Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ma, Look What I'm Going to Get: Table

Instead of having a coffee table like normal people, my husband and I have a trunk sitting in the middle of our living room. It's not an old steamer trunk, either, like you might be picturing. It's wicker with a saggy lid, and it used to be my toybox when I was little.

One friend of mine in particular has been very vocal about the fact that Hubsey and I need a "real" coffee table. I ignored her for a while, but now that our living room looks like two adults live there, it might be time to put the toybox in the back room. I also realized it was time for an upgrade when there wasn't enough space for the Kleenex, the candle, my plate of food, and a stack of magazines all at once (which made me dump the magazines on the floor, but that just looked messy, so, clearly, it's time).

She's taking me to IKEA tomorrow and I thought I'd post some of their wares here, in case anybody else has the same toybox-as-table problem.

This is the same model as our side tables, and it's probably what I'll end up buying, but I'll also need to track down some sort of basket to go underneath, otherwise the magazines will just end up all over the floor again. It's only $69.99, so I'll have quite the large basket budget.

I'm loving the shelves on this one, but it only comes in the color you see here... and black. Ugh. However, for $119 I might be willing to overlook that. Decisions, decisions...

Finally, we have the exceptionally cheap option three. $39.99 for a coffee table? Yep. Does it stay together? Sort of. But is it the correct size for our space? Yes. And are we planning on getting attached to whatever table we buy and keeping it for 50 years? No way. If my genes are the larger factor in our future kids' behavior, they'll bang on it with a wooden hammer all the time because they'll think that's how you build a house. So whatever. Cheap is fine with me.

Do you like IKEA? And do you have an actual coffee table, or are you using some other (totally awesome) surface?


  1. I actually use a set of Pier One nesting tables as a coffee table that I got on clearance for $60!