Monday, February 15, 2010

Miscellaneous: I Heart Handmade

Okay, I really hate doing two Miscellaneous posts in a row, but I don't know what else to call this, since it's just shameless self-promotion and not really a bargain (unless you're getting married, of course, in which case--congratulations!)

I've been accepted into the I Heart Handmade wedding market that, as you can see, goes until the end of the month. My section is actually Today's Shop, so if you're interested in some affordable wedding baubles, my link is right at the top. Don't be shy.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Hi, I'm Lynette and I am showcased over on the "I heart handmade wedding market" as well, my etsy shop is TheInspiredNest. So I support you, and salute you in your "shameless self promotion" LOL.
    I'll be sure to check out your listings. Keep up the good work! ;)

  2. Thanks! I'll have to take a look at yours, too. May we have a successful market!