Monday, February 22, 2010

On the Cheap: A Proper Greeting

OKAY. I need to vent. A lot of things irritate me (like jeans that don't come in long sizes, for example), but one thing that bothers me more than most is when people replace a normal greeting with "How ya doin'?"

I know somebody who does this. "Hey, Paige, how ya doin'?" I've taken to just saying "Hi" to him, because if I ever answer his question or--heaven forbid--pose one in return, he gets all discombobulated: "Oh, uh... I'm good?"

If you don't actually care how I'm doing (and believe me, it's fine if you don't), then stop with the questions. Let's not pretend. Just say hi and move on. However, if you DO give a hoot, then please, let's chat like normal people.

Starting with the robot, that's a 10-pack of greeting cards for $18. Then we have a speech bubble-shaped dry erase board for $30.99 (though I admit my eye was drawn to that purple pillow). The bottom row has a w00t brooch for an easy $5, and printable fill-in-the-blank dino cards for only $4.

Does anybody else get annoyed by the "How ya doin'?" disorder?


  1. What confuses me is when people say "Whaddaya know?" as a greeting. That doesn't even make sense. Mr. Hasten used to do that and I always got discombobulated. "I know a lot of things, can you be more specific?"

  2. Oh YEAH, I remember you complaining about that in high school. I don't think I dealt with him as much, though, because I don't recall having this irritation back then.