Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Cheap: Style on ice!

I hope everybody's been watching the Olympics. Tonight is the men's free skate (which used to be called the long program, before the Russian judge had to go ruin my favorite sport), and I'm SO EXCITED. I've always loved figure skating, not only because of the obvious skill involved, but because the outfits are SUPERB.

Tuesday was the short program, and a couple of Americans brought their A game.

That's Evan Lysacek. When he's not grimacing, he's very cute. He's also from my suburb, so I'm rooting for him a little more than the rest of Team USA. Now, look at his clothes. At first glance, it's just black, maybe a little bit like Neo from The Matrix, but then you notice all the draping, and the sequins, and the sheer panel, and the feathered gloves. That's right, feathered gloves:

I don't remember him flapping like that in the routine, but I guess he did. His music was kind of angsty, so maybe he was supposed to be an angel of death, flying down to Earth to spread his misery and woe. Or he could've been a bird.

Even if you don't really watch figure skating, you've probably heard of this guy:

Johnny Weir! The announcers kept calling him "controversial" on Tuesday, but that's a little dramatic. Yes, he skated to "Poker Face" at some competition in Asia, and yes, he's wearing vinyl AND a pink tassel in that picture, but that's hardly controversial. I think "original" would be a better word. Or "awesome."


I was inspired by their outfits to look for dramatic accessories of my own, and I found this:

Unless it magically appears on my head I won't have it to wear tonight, but I think I might get it if one of my boys wins gold. It's $24, which is more than I would normally pay for a hair clip, but it's black and will therefore go with 98% of my wardrobe.

I've practically written a novel, here, so you're dismissed. Don't forget to watch the free skate tonight!


  1. :( Not watching cable! I was hoping the figure skating would be later so we could figure out the whole TV thing. Whaaa!!

    But the feather hair clips are ADORABLE! I'm in a peacock phase...I see myself getting some.

  2. Well, from what I understand, the women's skating doesn't start until Tuesday, so you have a few more days to get it working. Hopefully you won't miss that half.

    Glad you dig the clips! I like peacock, too, but I'm getting stuck in my black rut again.

  3. Looooove that hair clip. Timeless!