Thursday, April 22, 2010

Miscellaneous: Earth Day!

It's Earth Day. I don't normally like to blog about the same stuff as everybody else, but I'm willing to jump ship for a few minutes for the sake of the planet.

Everybody knows buzz words like eco-friendly, green, and recycle. I learned a new one a few months ago: upcycle (which your word processor will tell you isn't a word, because of that bothersome red squiggle, but it's legit). Upcycling is re-working old stuff to make it functional/awesome/cute again.

Granted, I have no idea how this shirt looked before, but it's pretty ferocious at the moment. I'm especially impressed with this person's stuff because none of it LOOKS like it was re-made. Recycled/upcycled clothing tends to be really patchwork-y, or shabby-chic, or I-can-tell-that-sweater-is-made-out-of-socks. This shop, Brightstreet, does it right.

Would you wear re-worked clothing? Do you now?


  1. i like the detail around the neckline.

  2. Is it free-trade, too? Gift possibilities for someone's sister?

  3. It's handmade, so I think it's even better than fair trade. She'd be supporting somebody who has a little shop on Etsy.