Monday, April 5, 2010

On the Cheap: Movie Magic

My husband, it seems, is actually a 9-year-old girl trapped inside a man's body. Here's a rundown of the movies he's watched lately: The Princess Diaries 2, The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan's version), Enchanted, Up, and New Moon. He did fall asleep during New Moon, but it still counts because he actually asked me if we could watch it.

Now, I can't really judge because I like some pretty terrible movies myself (Shanghai Knights, for example), but I CAN put together a collection of cute based on somebody's inner girl:

Starting top left, the print of twin owls is $15. Silver crown studs (which Queen Clarisse would say are NOT APPROPRIATE for the coronation, Mia!) are $20. The trio of balloon expedition magnets will set you back $7.50. Finally, we have the creepy, life-sized shadow decal of Edward Cullen for you to place on your bedroom wall. This is... alarming. In the Twilight books, Edward broke into Bella's house and watched her sleep for months. And months. And months. He called it "protecting" but I say it's "stalking." And now Eddie can creep on you, too! But you'll have to find the decal yourself because I'm too weirded out to link it here.

Does your spousal equivalent like strange movies, too?


  1. I don't know about that Edward decal but my friend had a life size cardboard cutout of Luke Skywalker. We used to scare the daylights out her by placing 'Luke' in various unexpected places lol!

  2. HAHA. That's awesome! I won a life-sized Frodo cutout at some high school event and I used to put it at the end of a hallway in our house to scare the crap out of my sister. I wish I still had it...

  3. what about that cardboard guy that came to your wedding???

  4. Oh yeah! I forgot about cardboard John Cena. But that's as much Julia's as it is mine. I think he "lives" in Indy with her now.