Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ma, Look What I Got: Alaska has bargains?!

I bet you thought I forgot about this. (And I almost did, until I had to move my jewelry into the box that locks since we're getting ready to list our condo and I didn't want some PUNK stealing my sparkles.)

Anyhoodle, Hubsey and I went on an Alaskan cruise with his family a couple of weeks ago, and not only is it beautiful up there, it's apparently the new hip place to go for jewelry bargains. This was news to all of us. There was a presentation on the boat that was disguised as a "shopping guide," but it was really a hard-sell for a group of diamond and tanzanite galleries. Of course, we, being the brilliant people that we are, questioned these "low prices" and skedaddled to another store.

And I think you know what happened next:

A matching amethyst and diamond set! I didn't realize this, but the Alaskan cruise season is only 4 months long, and we happened to sail during the last few weeks. Because of that, a lot of stores were having MAJOR sales to clean out their inventory. My set was originally $210 (sterling silver as opposed to gold made it so cheap) but was 70% off the day I went. There was a little tax and a ring-sizing fee for my twiggy fingers, but the total was still only $68. For THREE PIECES of semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

So if you ever find yourself in Alaska in August, do a little shopping.

What's the best deal you've ever gotten on vacation? Did you already know about the Alaska/jewelry thing? Spill your guts.


  1. Lovely!

    I have no super bargains of which to boast, just the ability to finish all my Birthday/christmas shopping in 4 days with my wonderful darling older sisters. :)

  2. On the Vegas trips! I long to go on a trip that's 90% shopping... maybe someday...

  3. What?!? I grew up in Alaska, and have a bundle of gold nugget and jade jewelry to prove it, but nothing like this! What a stunning bargain, enjoy! Janell

  4. I'm thinking that'll never happen with your sister, the anti-shopper! Maybe if you're a good little girl we'll invite you on one of our trips! 90% shopping, 10% eating, what's not to love???

  5. Janell--I remember the "shopping guide" on the ship saying something about how the tourist-aimed jewelry boom is pretty recent. So maybe you had moved by then! (Or maybe it's supposed to be a big industry secret and I just spilled the beans. My bad.)