Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the Cheap: Surprise! Cardigans!

Since it's August and fall clothing is in stores, it's time to look at NEW CARDIGANS!

This one made me squeal with glee! It's striped! And many colors! And I could wear it with EVERYTHING! And it's only $26.90, so I could buy it in both color optoins if I really wanted to (which I do).

And for those slightly dressier occasions (like a Mad Men viewing party) this number will do the trick. It's not as good of a deal as the above, but for $54.99 it's not unreasonable, especially from Modcloth.

And as a trasition piece, one with 3/4 length sleeves. It also comes in pink, navy, and grey, and those cute little flowers are included. At $26.50, it's also the cheapest of the bunch.

My fixation continues. I could've easily put 10 sweaters in this post, but I HELD BACK. That's a baby step toward progress, right?


  1. I love all of your cardigan choices! Especially the second one, it's so elegant.

  2. Squeeel! I LOVE the middle one!

  3. That last one is from Old Navy, right? Lexi just HAD to have the navy blue one and plans to get her school picture taken in it!

  4. Yep, Old Navy indeed! That's a smart girl you have there!