Friday, October 29, 2010

Holi-Daze: My Won-Won

Whew! After about 6 hours of sewing and fabric-gluing, I finally finished our costumes last night. We don't need them until Saturday, which is probably for the best because I'm sure I'll need to re-attach something. I did use more glue than thread toward the end.

As a reminder, we're going as Ron and Hermione at the Yule Ball. Here's Mr. Weasley now to jog your memory:

I'm not gonna lie, I TOTALLY bit off more than I could chew with this one. Have you ever tried to make a ruffly... chest warmer? It's hard. Neigh on impossible--especially for someone like me who doesn't have a sewing machine. (I KNOW. What. Was. I. Thinking?)

So after I wasted about a yard of fabric trying to re-create the ruffles, I decided to alter my plan. This was going to be an interpretation of Ron's dress robes. If my gown was going to be an interpretation (or, a correction of the movie's mistakes), then so would this. So without further ado, the modernization of Won-Won:

Even though it's considerably different looking, all three of The Dress Robes Criterion are met: we have lace, we have multiple patterns, and we have a suit that doesn't fit. Let's take a closer look at the fabrics:

Black pinstriped suit, navy and orange plaid shirt, brown floral tie, lacy collar made of doilies, and a tan plaid pocket square. Very unfortunate indeed. Oh! And we can't forget the wands!

These were a great deal. I wasn't going to make Hubsey carry one, so I just picked a cheap-o $7 option for myself from Etsy. And because of a shipping delay, the seller included another one for free! Score!

I'll show you the Hermione costume on Monday, post-party, so you can get the full effect with the updo.

How are your costumes coming? Are you done? Did you end up doing an interpretation, too? Do tell.


  1. Knowing your abhorence for all costumes store-bought, I offer up DD's half-bought/half made-and-thrown-together costume: Vampric Bride of Darkness. Bought the dress, brought it home and chopped off the sheer sleeves she didn't like. Dress pinned to a black spaghetti-strap cami to hold it up. Dress covered by a spider-web lace jacket she's used for dress-up for years. Veil also a la dress-up: left-over spider-web lace sleeve from some costume of mine I can't even remember. Bridey garland hand made by yours truly from black flowers, black roses and silver leaves with spider-web ribbon. All finished last night, just in time for the Halloween parade at school! Oh, and store-bought vampire teeth. A good combo, I think.

  2. I was an Egyptian on Monday (same costume as from junior high) and random Slytherin student for work today. One of the marketing directors asked if I was Harry Potter. I said no, this is his enemy's t-shirt. Then she said, "Oh, you're Voldemort." I declined to explain further. Luckily then an IT guy asked what character I was, and of course he understood. Hooray for the IT department.

  3. Blue, I think that's more than half-made! It sounds like the only thing you didn't alter/make was the teeth!

    Spanglerjl: Some people at the party last night didn't understand how I was Hermione if I was wearing blue. So I feel your pain.