Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the Cheap: Red Rover

I know I inerited my same-color shopping tendencies from my mom. I wear grey, black, and blue while she dresses like Cruella DeVille. Well, if Cruella was willing to give up the puppy fur. And wear turquoise.

Either way, we're predictable. Mom has been branching out into purple lately, and I think I've decided on my own path to colors unknown:

Go big or go home, right? (Fun fact: that was the theme of one weekend I spent with my sister. I suggested we each eat an entire box of cookies, but she was all, "That's gross." Whatev.) Also big is the price. Deep breath... $156.99.

This is also a pretty red dress--and for half the price!--but it just doesn't pack the same punch. My brain is telling me that I don't need to spend $160 on the first option , but my heart is telling me that I if I don't, I won't have anything to wear.


Do you have a red dress? Do you love it? (I bet you do.)


  1. I think a classy V-neck red dress would be a good antique store quest. Something from the 60's might have your preferred silhouette. Also, I don't remember this cookie incident. What kind of cookies were they? And which weekend was this?

  2. It was a bag of Milanos when you came to visit me for my Birth Week the year I lived in the studio! I can't believe you forgot. For SHAME.

    Interestingly, I don't see a lot of red clothing when I hit the antique stores around here. That might have to be something we look for in Indy.