Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding$: Gorgeous Green

You ever come across a company and wish you'd heard of them a few years before?

Brilliant Earth is one of those companies. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my wedding rings, but had I known there were stylish options made from conflict-free Canadian diamonds and recycled gold, I would've at least looked into it. I don't like a lot of eco-friendly jewelry (unless it's antique) because it tends to have that hand-hammered look, but this is more my speed:

The site has a lot of options. You can design your own ring by picking the setting and diamond, you can get a pre-set sapphire ring (for those who don't want a diamond), you can check out their estate collection, or you can work with one of their jewelers to make a totally custom piece.

Now, what about the price? That depends. There are some super affordable items--ring settings start at $425--but if you've ever bought a diamond, you know things can add up pretty quickly. How pricey you go will really depend on the center stone you pick. Luckily, they have a HUGE database of diamonds to search through (3,322 as of today) with prices starting at $570.

Snaps for Brilliant Earth! It's not often that you stumble upon something affordable AND eco-friendly. If we ever decide to upgrade my rings, I know where I'm looking.

Do you have a green ring?


  1. why do I love this ring so much? =)

  2. how much is this ring? I have one VERY similar but I like this one a little better. Especially knowing it's not a "blood" diamond!