Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ma, Look What I'm Going to Get: Table

Instead of having a coffee table like normal people, my husband and I have a trunk sitting in the middle of our living room. It's not an old steamer trunk, either, like you might be picturing. It's wicker with a saggy lid, and it used to be my toybox when I was little.

One friend of mine in particular has been very vocal about the fact that Hubsey and I need a "real" coffee table. I ignored her for a while, but now that our living room looks like two adults live there, it might be time to put the toybox in the back room. I also realized it was time for an upgrade when there wasn't enough space for the Kleenex, the candle, my plate of food, and a stack of magazines all at once (which made me dump the magazines on the floor, but that just looked messy, so, clearly, it's time).

She's taking me to IKEA tomorrow and I thought I'd post some of their wares here, in case anybody else has the same toybox-as-table problem.

This is the same model as our side tables, and it's probably what I'll end up buying, but I'll also need to track down some sort of basket to go underneath, otherwise the magazines will just end up all over the floor again. It's only $69.99, so I'll have quite the large basket budget.

I'm loving the shelves on this one, but it only comes in the color you see here... and black. Ugh. However, for $119 I might be willing to overlook that. Decisions, decisions...

Finally, we have the exceptionally cheap option three. $39.99 for a coffee table? Yep. Does it stay together? Sort of. But is it the correct size for our space? Yes. And are we planning on getting attached to whatever table we buy and keeping it for 50 years? No way. If my genes are the larger factor in our future kids' behavior, they'll bang on it with a wooden hammer all the time because they'll think that's how you build a house. So whatever. Cheap is fine with me.

Do you like IKEA? And do you have an actual coffee table, or are you using some other (totally awesome) surface?

Monday, February 22, 2010

On the Cheap: A Proper Greeting

OKAY. I need to vent. A lot of things irritate me (like jeans that don't come in long sizes, for example), but one thing that bothers me more than most is when people replace a normal greeting with "How ya doin'?"

I know somebody who does this. "Hey, Paige, how ya doin'?" I've taken to just saying "Hi" to him, because if I ever answer his question or--heaven forbid--pose one in return, he gets all discombobulated: "Oh, uh... I'm good?"

If you don't actually care how I'm doing (and believe me, it's fine if you don't), then stop with the questions. Let's not pretend. Just say hi and move on. However, if you DO give a hoot, then please, let's chat like normal people.

Starting with the robot, that's a 10-pack of greeting cards for $18. Then we have a speech bubble-shaped dry erase board for $30.99 (though I admit my eye was drawn to that purple pillow). The bottom row has a w00t brooch for an easy $5, and printable fill-in-the-blank dino cards for only $4.

Does anybody else get annoyed by the "How ya doin'?" disorder?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Cheap: Style on ice!

I hope everybody's been watching the Olympics. Tonight is the men's free skate (which used to be called the long program, before the Russian judge had to go ruin my favorite sport), and I'm SO EXCITED. I've always loved figure skating, not only because of the obvious skill involved, but because the outfits are SUPERB.

Tuesday was the short program, and a couple of Americans brought their A game.

That's Evan Lysacek. When he's not grimacing, he's very cute. He's also from my suburb, so I'm rooting for him a little more than the rest of Team USA. Now, look at his clothes. At first glance, it's just black, maybe a little bit like Neo from The Matrix, but then you notice all the draping, and the sequins, and the sheer panel, and the feathered gloves. That's right, feathered gloves:

I don't remember him flapping like that in the routine, but I guess he did. His music was kind of angsty, so maybe he was supposed to be an angel of death, flying down to Earth to spread his misery and woe. Or he could've been a bird.

Even if you don't really watch figure skating, you've probably heard of this guy:

Johnny Weir! The announcers kept calling him "controversial" on Tuesday, but that's a little dramatic. Yes, he skated to "Poker Face" at some competition in Asia, and yes, he's wearing vinyl AND a pink tassel in that picture, but that's hardly controversial. I think "original" would be a better word. Or "awesome."


I was inspired by their outfits to look for dramatic accessories of my own, and I found this:

Unless it magically appears on my head I won't have it to wear tonight, but I think I might get it if one of my boys wins gold. It's $24, which is more than I would normally pay for a hair clip, but it's black and will therefore go with 98% of my wardrobe.

I've practically written a novel, here, so you're dismissed. Don't forget to watch the free skate tonight!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Go Retro: Speakeasy

Why aren't wingtips sold everywhere? Let me re-phrase that. Why aren't wingtips for women sold everywhere? Every time I track down what I think will be a cute pair, I click on the tumbnail and BAM! they're for strippers. Which isn't how I dress in my everyday life, shocking as that may be to hear.

However, I may have FINALLY turned the corner. The universe gifted me with these when I got to work today:

Ta da! I'd like a higher heel, and I'd like them to be in my size, but they're a step in the right direction (ha, see what I did there?). They're only $18, too, so it's really a shame they won't fit.

And speaking of adorable shoes in the wrong size, I found these today, too:

That's what I'm talkin' about. Now if only I could find some in a 7 ½, we'd be in business.

Is there anything you really want but can't find?

Miscellaneous: I Heart Handmade

Okay, I really hate doing two Miscellaneous posts in a row, but I don't know what else to call this, since it's just shameless self-promotion and not really a bargain (unless you're getting married, of course, in which case--congratulations!)

I've been accepted into the I Heart Handmade wedding market that, as you can see, goes until the end of the month. My section is actually Today's Shop, so if you're interested in some affordable wedding baubles, my link is right at the top. Don't be shy.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Miscellaneous: Happy Hallmark Day!

Who else thinks Valentine's Day is kind of a silly holiday? Hubsey and I were out for his birthday dinner with his family last night, and his aunt had a good point: everyday is Valentine's Day. As in, you shouldn't need a holiday to do something nice for your partner.

We never do anything special today, but if you do, I hope you enjoy yourself! And don't forget to be cute on the regular days, too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

On the Cheap: Day Dress

It's College Week on Jeopardy again, and I think there are some gaps in my education. Granted, I chose to spend my time in broadcasting and journalism, but still. I feel like I should've known more about "general science" than I did. (HOWEVER, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader has shown me that, yes, I am, so maybe there's still some hope for me.)

Perhaps I should've majored in something more practical, but at least I know enough to find you a bargain! I was browing the party dresses at Nordstrom when I stumbled upon this little gem:

Beautiful color, flattering cut, versatile styling... but it's $308. (The fact that it's three-oh-eight cracks me up. Do the extra few bucks really make a difference at this point?) Either way, it's too pricey for me. This one, on the other hand, is much more reasonable:

It's the same thing in a different color for a third of the price! Modcloth are the proud parents of this baby, and they're kind enough to sell her for $99.99. I'm really coveting a day dress like this. It would be perfect for work, or running errands, or a date with Hubsey, or eating a very fashionable lunch...

Are you a dress gal?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gift Guide: Birthday Boy

I forgot to mention this on Monday, but my husband shaved off that terrible facial hair. Whew! Crisis averted.

His birthday is in a week, and like all men, he's hard to shop for. I touched on this a little during the holidays, but having a gift guide for men during the year might be smart, too. So, if you know a boy/man/dude who needs a present, here ya go:

Everything is from Etsy (gasp!). First we have a Chicago album cover-turned notebook for $9.99. Next are the choose-your-location cufflinks made from vintage maps. Those will set you back $36. Going over to the tie tack, it's made from a vintage typewriter key and is also personalized--unless he's into wearing random initials, of course. It's $12. Finally, that may LOOK like the original Super Mario Bros., but it's actually an external hard drive. It's a bit of a splurge, but maybe your dude behaved himself this year (and didn't try to grow a beard) so you're down with spending $159.99 on him.

Just curious, where you do find most of your man-friendly gifts?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ma, Look What I Got: You put the "Arg" in "Argyle"

I need more t-shirts like I need a wart on my face (which is to say I don't), but lately my husband has been feeling the urge to buy them for me. And I'm not about to turn down free clothes! Most recently, he found the personification of me in wearable form:

And let's go in for the closeup.

Yep. It's an argyle/dinosaur t-shirt. I had a crazy dinosaur obsession when I was a kid, to the point that maybe I used to pretend I was a brontosaurus. And maybe I forced my younger sister to play dinosaurs with me. And when she invariably didn't want to, my bronto would turn into a T. Rex, and you can ask my mom how those afternoons turned out.

Anyhoodle, dinosaurs are great, as is argyle. Over the years, I've had diamond-y sweaters, sweater vests, shoes, socks, and wrist bands. And now a t-shirt.

It was from Tee Fury, which offers up a different shirt every 24 hours. This one is (obviously) gone, but keep checking back because their stuff is not only oodles of fun, but really cheap. Every shirt is $9.

Miscellaneous: Free Shipping February!

Since January was so successful for my Etsy store, I've decided to share the love.

Drumroll, please! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! Little White Chapel proudly brings to you...

Free Shipping February!

For the entire month, standard shipping is totally free. All the deets can be found here.