Friday, May 28, 2010

On the Cheap (sort of): Hooray Handmade!

My office building has little screens in the elevators that flash news headlines, the weather, sometimes a stock market update--apparently for the corporate bosses who WILL SIMPLY DIE if they're not in front of a computer for 15 seconds. (Seriously, whenever a person wearing a suit gets on the elevator, where do they stare? Right at the screen. They can't even bother looking at the buttons so they usually hit the wrong floor, and then have to fix it. Fail.)

Anyway, I don't normally read said screens, but today I happened to glance up as a new headline appeared. It was something like, "Kids love chicken McNuggets, but they contain a bunch of sodium and not much nutitional value!"

What?! No way! Chicken from McDonald's is bad for you? That's like saying, "Guys, did you know Hitler was kind of a douche?"

This is the stuff corporate bosses are reading everyday. Not just reading, learning. Those screens get stared down like a Bible verse in Sunday school. It's no wonder everybody is going bankrupt, if they have to be told that fast food is unhealthy. (It might seem like I'm overstating things here, but people have reacted to headlines in the elevator before. The oil spill gets a lot of little comments, but the McNugget revelation was read in silence. No eye-rolling or duh-saying except for me.)

I feature a lot of small/local artists and companies on here, but today I'm calling special attention to it. Thank you for providing an alternative so I don't have to support the people in the elevator.

Starting top left, the violet scented fleur de leis soap is $5, the damask clutch is a mid-splurge at $77, but the bronze-and-quartz necklace is only $19, and the cascading flower wall art is $35.

I can't possibly be the only one mystified by how some people get high-powered jobs. Right? If you have a similar story, share with us in the comments.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding$: Retro Rings

A good friend of mine got engaged over the weekend (yay!). She's the friend who does the World War II reenactments, so it's very fitting that she's wearing her grandmother's vintage ring. We had dinner the other night and literally talked about her wedding the ENTIRE TIME--which was awesome--and it totally put me back in planning mode. A couple of my male co-workers are engaged, but it's just not the saaaame talking about wedding plans with a dude. It's actually kind of lame, so I'm stoked to have another girlfriend preparing for a walk down the aisle. (So stoked, apparently, that I'm using '90s slang again.)

Anyway, she's wearing a vintage ring, which is really trendy right now, but not everybody who wants a vintage ring has one in the family. So I found some awesome ones for sale in case you're looking.

I love all the detail on older rings. I know I sound like a cranky old bat when I say "They just don't make them like this anymore!" but it's the truth. This one is from the 1930s and is an affordable $875.

This one is a not-so-affordable $4,500 BUT it's 130 years old and in fantastic shape, so that might actually be a reasonable price (I wouldn't know). But I DO know that it's pretty. And I wouldn't mind having it on my finger for the rest of my life.

YES. This one is SPECTACULAR. From the 1930s again, it features a dramatic ring of black enamel around the center diamond. Right now, the Ebay bid is $2,000, so it's still an option for a lot of couples.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go Retro: Tea Party!

...and we're back! I just spent a refreshing week in northern California visiting family. I rode around in my aunt's new convertible, got some things for the shop, ate A LOT, and generally had an awesome time. But now I'm at work again, and we all know what that means! (Time to blog.)

Aside from my delusion about hosting a fabulous garden party at the Palace of Versailles, I also harbor a fantasy of attending a fancy tea party. This one is more plausible, since tea sets are easier to get than full access to a historical landmark.

I already have tea cups, but if I didn't, I could get service for six for $33. Not too shabby. And the flowery look of these is exactly what I'd want, since this party would ideally happen in the English countryside somewhere.

I would not, however, have much to wear, since most of my wardrobe is dark colors and/or a cardigan.

And this dress is neither of those things. Unfortunately, it's ALSO not in my price range, but whatever. I'm imagining the whole party anyway, so I can imagine the money, too.

So what do you think? Would you go to a tea party? Does the thought of getting all fancy to go eat a scone outside sound like something that doesn't happen anymore for a reason? Comments!