Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 for 30: Four, Five, Six

My sister commented the other day that I'm "wearing that yellow shirt a lot." Well, BOO YA to my sister, because here it is again:

Work on Friday.

shirt: Savers (via Gap)
skirt: Target
shoes: DSW
necklace: I made it

As for the red footwear, I decided to do a little swap after all. I ixnayed two shirts in favor of two more pairs of shoes. I'm already liking my decision.


tank: F21
vest: F21
jeans: F21
shoes: Kohl's
necklace: F21

Time to find a new store, Paige.

Cleaning on Sunday.

shirt: Victoria's Secret
shorts: Gap Outlet
sandals: Target

This was my spring cleaning outfit on Sunday. It's also an accidental repeat from last summer's 30 for 30. Oops! Although, my hair is a lot longer now AND my picture-taking skills have improved about 6000%, so that makes it different, right?

What are you wearing today? Anything your sister gives you grief about? Perhaps you're repeating an old favorite?


  1. I have almost the exact same outfit as the first picture. I have a similar yellow shirt that I wear to work with a black suit skirt (that used to be yours, incidentally...). It's a lovely shirt, I just like that it took two vacations in a week!

  2. It's a jet-setter indeed! Why don't you do this challenge? I think you'd be good at it.

  3. I LOVE the yellow shirt. I'm doing the 30 for 30, too, down here in scorching Texas. I grew up in the Chicago area, though - Rockford and Elgin. Happy remixing to you!

  4. Thanks, Kate! I have a couple of friends who are from Rockford, too.

  5. great outfits! i like that yellow shirt, i can see why you wear it alot :)



  6. I love the outfits!! I love the second look best! And the necklace is adorable!

  7. That yellow top is really cute, I say keep on wearing it!

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  8. Cute yellow shirt! I can understand why you wear it so much. ;D

  9. Ha, I would actually if you can go get her the same yellow shirt and save it for a Christmas gift. shirt and make it into something else like a throw pillow or table runner.

  10. I'd wear that yellow shirt a lot too; it's adorable!

  11. Midnight: hahaha, that's awesome. I would, but it's from a thrift store.

  12. great looks - the top one is perfect for work! Hey i might do a swap too..i really need some flats in my 30 remix!

  13. I think the yellow top looks great on you...why mess with a good thing? LOL. I live in outfit repeats, but I don't always put it on my blog..it's normal and everybody does it too. =)