Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 for 30: Summer Kickoff

I've been so busy with the shop and shows lately that I almost forgot about the Summer 30 for 30. It actually started yesterday, so in the spirit of getting back on the ball, here are my 30 items:

Thirteen shirts.

Five pairs of pants/shorts/leggings

Three dresses, two skirts.

Two cardigans, one vest.

Four pairs of shoes.

I'm thinking I'll axe one of those shirts (I always choose too many) and do another pair of shoes. Or a sweater. Decisions, decisions.

If you're new to the challenge, here's how it works: you choose 30 items of clothing (including shoes) and remix them into 30 different outfits for 30 days. Uniforms, workout clothes, or climate-specific outerwear (like a raincoat or parka) don't count. The idea is to learn to re-work (and fall back in love with) what you already have.

Who else is 30-ing right now? I'd love to see your items. Or maybe you're on schedule and already have a picture of your first outfit...


  1. It'd be interesting to do this for all 30 days and afterwards discard the outfits (or pieces) you didn't use or missed during the experiment?

    A great way to get rid of the superfluous, right!?

  2. That's actually what I did last time! There was a pair of shoes I never wore, so I donated them at the end. I had included them in the 30 so I'd wear them more, but that didn't work.

  3. What a cool idea! Unfortunately my work attire consists of jeans and a t-shirt, so there's not much mixing and matching. Mine would be more like 6 jeans, 10 shirts...and an entire year LOL!

  4. This such a great idea! This would be so fun to do. Can't wait to see the pics of the outfits. Do you include jewelry in this too? Or are you allowed to accessorize with as much as you want/need to?

  5. Julia, you can accessorize with whatever you want. I'd be totally screwed if we had to include jewelry in the 30 items!

  6. Love your picks! You are going to rock this challenge for sure :) I really want to try this sometime soon ... when I can find the time :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  7. What a great idea. I am so not into clothes. This would be a good exercise for me.

  8. Great mix and match collection!

  9. its really tricky deciding isnt it? I wish I could fit in more shoes but its so cold now that I need more jackets and knits!

  10. I picked my 30, and after seeing yours now I'm wondering if I should have included more tops. And probably less shoes. :) I guess I'll find out soon enough...