Monday, June 20, 2011

DIY: Sew Crazy

My sewing machine beat me that one time, but I think I'm ready for Round 2. Let's make a skirt!

A simple-looking pattern from the 50s, featuring cute little notches by the front pockets. It's only $5--which is a steal--AND it's already my size so there won't be any math-doing.

Oh snap.

I also enjoy the fact that even if my machine goes on the fritz again mid-project, this looks basic enough that I could finish it up with Liquid Stitch if I had to. At least, I hope so, because I kind of want to make two of them: one to wear, and one to be part of my Halloween costume. (More on that later.)

What are you making lately? Anybody else trying their hand at a circle skirt?  Know any sewing machine voodoo I can bust out if it fights me again?


  1. Those are too cute! I haven't sewn anything since I was in highschool, but see that pattern makes me want to find a cute pattern myself!

  2. Great skirt - Good Luck - looks easy enough - famous last words! All the things going through my head right now. :-)

  3. hope your sewing machine doesn't get the best of you! and post some photos of that skirt when you make it, it looks like it would be just lovely!


  4. I love fashion from the 50's, I find it so stylish. This skirt is lovely, good luck with it:):)

  5. Hope you post a pic once you finish this. Looks super cute!

  6. Jany, there will definitely be pictures. Probably some along the way, too!

  7. looks gorgeous - cant wait to see your creation! I wish i knew how to mum is a talented seamstress but never had the patience to teach us girls!

  8. i can't wait to see your creation! sadly, i haven't made anything fun lately. too busy with life and work.. :(