Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gift Guide: Father's Day 2011

I was thinking today: it's not that men are hard to shop for, it's that they want the same stuff all the time. Food. Sports. Books relating to food or sports. More food.

My dad definitely falls into this category, and if you're like me and beating your head against your desk because you don't want to get him ANOTHER Fighting Illini polo, I found some last-minute items of inspiration for Father's Day:

A record bowl. This one is John Cougar Mellencamp's Uh-Huh, but a lot of options are available. $8.

A nice, manly set of notecards with a monogrammed letter of your choosing, $15.

Something to wrangle that cell phone, $22.

How about you? Is your dad hard to shop for? Does he at least have a hobby that you can encourage? Or are you stuck rotating the same three items for every holiday?


  1. I got my dad a record bowl and record coasters for Father's Day last year. I bought it from this etsy shop He really loved it.

  2. I gave up on looking for gifts for Dad this year, unfortunately. But now that my daughter is 2 I think we can do some handmade gifts from her from now on! I did make the Moms in my life some Photo Marbles and those would be great for Dads, too!

  3. My dad is impossibly hard to shop for! No hobbies that I can buy for, not really into sports. He usually winds up getting something handmade by me...whether he likes it or not...LOL :)

  4. my dad usually gets a bottle of wine every year for fathers day! these are some great alternative :)


  5. Brittany, that's not a bad idea. Except my dad's favorite drink is Jack & coke, and I think I'd feel weird buying him whiskey...

  6. Great stuff, Paige! Thank you for including us! For more musical gifts (record clocks, record coasters, etc...), please check out our website:
    Happy Father's Day!!!

  7. Great Father's Day ideas! Thanks for including our notecards.