Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go Retro and A Rant

Let's pretend that I have somewhere to go in this:

It has a cape! It's also a very reasonable $124.99, so if I didn't already have a series of party dresses I'd seriously consider it.

And speaking of having a lot of clothes, I read an interesting article yesterday about how the garment industry has changed over the last 100 years or so. Long story short, modern women have huge wardrobes but the clothing is crap (which I already knew--even some of my Banana clothes shrink on me), and buyers want a good deal instead of a quality item.

Sigh. I know I perpetuate that with my $10 jeans from Forever 21 (for example), but I only started buying them because my $80 jeans from Express would shrink and fall apart, too. Why spend the extra $70 for the same outcome?

It just sucks that nothing stands up. Well, underwear from Victoria's Secret does, but I can't only wear those.

I'm sure you've noticed this, too. Do you do anything about it? Buy mostly vintage? Make your own items? Sit and complain like I am right now? (Maybe it's time to shut up and bust out my evil favorite sewing machine...)


  1. I am definitely one of those, "Holy crap! This shirt is only $6.99. Buying it." And then a few months later it looks nothing like the shirt I originally purchased...

    I am too inept to make my own clothes and vintage usually isn't my style. So, I'm trapped in a viscous cycle of buying and replacing cheap clothes.

  2. I get the jeans. So annoying. I thought Delias (although for young adults mainly) had amazing jeans. So I would see women stocking up from there during their sales but some people say they stretch out too. I haven't had that problem yet but apparently, people wear jeans for our a year without washing them...given they wear them fiarly clean. But yes... only if washing them didn't take away the magic.

  3. Lol! of course not only underwear from Victoria's Secret!
    I bought vintage skirt and t-shirt, and few unique belts but for dresses I have a tailor who will make special request dresses from me! I found you via EDT. Happy Tuesday!


  4. Of the Fountain, I do that, too. I'm slowly getting better, but the satisfaction of a good deal is so hard to pass up.

    Dana, I've heard that's the new thing! Wash your jeans rarely, otherwise put them in the freezer to kill any germs so they don't smell.

    Dita, a tailor? That's so cool! I'd love to find one.

  5. I think the industry does it on purpose so we continue to buy clothes. It's really hard to find things that don't fall apart. I always manage to get wholes in my jeans and shirts. But, eventually I'll learn to make my own t-shirts and clothes and see if my homemade stuff is different.

  6. Gorgeous party dress!

    I just can't afford to buy handmade, so most of my clothes come from Target, Kohls, JC Penneys, Fashion Bug or Marshalls. I rarely pay over $10 for an article of clothing, and most of them lasts for years.

  7. Love that dress - get it!

  8. Totally can relate on Banana - some seasons their clothes just fall apart. I'm all for quality over quantity but sometime the Old Navy Jeans priced at $20 lure me in. I find in Jeans - Levi's have been the most durable I've ever purchased.

  9. Aquariann, maybe I'm just harder on my clothes than you. I'm always surprised when something lasts for years!

  10. I am loving the dress! But the jeans... I still cannot get used to the slim jeans, they hardly look good on anyone except models. Although I look fine with them I cannot bring myself to wearing them...

  11. That vintage dress is amazing - and "let's pretend I have somewhere to go in it" is a familiar persuasion : )

    I haven't bought any new clothes since just after christmas - you just made me think of this! I am stuck in the same few items every day - maybe I need to go on one og those shows on tv where they overhaul your look : )

    Great post - I always like to read them!