Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to get ready for work in 18 minutes

I had to be at work by 6:30 this morning. (I should note that I have an office job and I THOUGHT I'd left this early business behind me when I quit radio, but whatever.) I set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. and slept easy, thinking my iPhone alarm would do its job.

Guess what didn't go off this morning? A thundeclap just happened to wake me up at 5:48. Thanks, Apple!

On the bright side, I learned how to get myself ready for work in 18 minutes. And I don't mean that I put on sweatpants and a baseball cap, I mean that I'm presentable for a real office job. So here's what you do:

1. Swear and throw your phone down. It betrayed you.

2. Stumble through the darkness to that pile of clean work clothes you still haven't put away. It's closer than your closet, so you're already saving a few seconds.

3. Head to the bathroom for a hair check. There's no time for a shower, but there's always time for dry shampoo. This one is my favorite.

4. Concealer, blush, mascara.

Mineral makeup is fast. Thank god.

5. Forget that you dropped your phone on the floor and spend 3 minutes looking for it.

6. In your haste to find a pair of earrings, knock your engagement ring behind the dresser.

7. Leave.

But seriously. There are some things that helped me. I sort my closet by color, and even though my jeans were from a pile on the bed, my shirt was hanging next to my other grey work shirts and I knew which one to grab. I also shelled out $4 for dry shampoo last year, which was one of the smartest things I've ever done. Finally, I knew what areas of my face needed makeup most (my eyes) and I skipped everything else.

Do you have any tips for getting ready fast? When has your alarm clock failed you? Or maybe you always set a second one so this doesn't happen?


  1. Oh dear! I hate it when that happens!
    I can put on make-up in two minutes and I don't have a problem finding a suitable outfit quickly either BUT I could never leave the house without a proper (and relaxed) breakfast :)

  2. I HATE that feeling!!! Total panic when I wake up and see I'm late!
    Luckily I work in a factory, so I can pull the baseball hat trick :) Wash my face, brush my teeth and head out the door!

  3. this happened to me this week too! stupid iPhone alarm doesn't go off if the ringer is set to silent. worst thing about the phone!! i did only eye make-up and ran around looking for the phone i had abandoned only minutes before. ha. i will have to invest in dry shampoo - i had to pull mine back because it was too gross to wear down :(

  4. Being a mom to 2 very busy kiddos, I have fine tuned my getting ready skills... I can pretty much get showered, dressed, hair dried and curled and make-up on in 20 minutes flat IF NEEDED. I prefer to take a little longer, but some days that just doesn't happen. I think it helps to have a "basic" make-up face that you know you can do in hurry. I have mine down so pat, I promise I could do it without even looking in a mirror and it would look pretty much the same... Orangies Attic

  5. I so love this post! I too usually end up picking my clothes off the clean pile that has yet to be hung! I love the dry shampoo idea - maybe something I should invest in!

  6. Ah, that sounds so exciting! I don't see any downsides of an early morning experience like this! ... when I am reading about it :) Hurrying in the morning is a guarantee for all kinds of mishaps! But still, it seems like you pulled it of nicely!

    To save myself the hassle in the morning I prepare everything from the evening before. Clothes, items I have to take, everything. I also shower in the evening because I like it :)

  7. Kanelstrand, Everything turned out okay, except for my engagement ring falling behind the dresser. Whoops! I should probably start doing more prep in the evening. I make my to-do list the night before (otherwise I can't sleep), but that's about it.

  8. that is the WORST. although i feel like when that happens to me i develop some sort of getting ready super powers and can hustle like no other! an easy go to outfit, no shower and minimal make up is key!


  9. This happened to Zach on Wednesday. He literally showered for 30 seconds. Anywho, I always pick out my clothes at night AND shower the night before. This way, when I either a) oversleep or b) press snooze too many times because I stayed up late taking a shower, I can still get ready for work in 15 minutes or less!
    Question: How does dry shampoo differ from just using baby powder?

  10. My I-phone alarm just randomly stopped going off one day until I realized I had to set it to "every day" for it to work. When in a real rush I sometimes re-wear clothes that are basically clean if I went to a friends house the night before... I have a bad habit of wearing clothes and just throwing them on my dresser. P.S. i think I need to invest in some dry shampoo. what brand do you use?

  11. I always seem to drop my makeup when I'm in a hurry! It is so frustrating!


  12. Thank goodness it thundered so freaking loud all night! Great tips though! :)


  13. Darlene, I feel like I have more control when I'm using dry shampoo. I did the baby powder thing once and got it all over myself. :-)

  14. dry shampoo is nice, but in a pinch, any kind of powder with cornstarch in it will soak up a little oil....

  15. There's got to be a trick to dry shampoo because I just haven't figured it out yet. I'm always stuck looking like I have white hair. lol.