Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miscellaneous: In which I finally take a decent picture

The Hubs and I are map people, as evidenced by this post and this post (to name a few). And I betcha can't guess what we picked up in San Fran over the holiday weekend!

Another map. Specifically, the topography of San Francisco itself. It was, ahem, not cheap (let's just say it was over $100) but we both felt it was too awesome to pass up. It'll be perfect in the living room with our other mappy delights.

To make up for shelling out on that piece, we've decided to finish up the display by printing a couple of pictures I took myself while we were by the Bay:

The Golden Gate Bridge.

The Palace of Fine Arts.

I did one as a 5x7 and one as a 4x6, for a total of $2.29 from Target. And because I can't contain myself, all three of them are already up in the living room (see the before picture here):

Do you take a lot of pictures when you travel? Any of them displayed in your house? Maybe you've gotten a cool piece of art from some exotic location?


  1. I like the golden gate bridge photo, good job!

  2. Thanks! It will probably never happen again. Ha ha.

  3. I, too, love that bridge picture.
    There used to have a picture we took on a Spring afternoon under the Manhattan Bridge (on the Brooklyn side) framed and displayed on our wall.
    It's been a while since we put up images from our escapades... Thank you for reminding me to do it!