Thursday, June 30, 2011

On the Cheap: Purple

I wanted to call this post "Light Urple" but none of these really qualify:

The dress (which comes in other colors--though why wouldn't you want purple?) is $89, those lovely vintage style earrings are $19, the multi-sized Kindle sleeve is $15, and the fun purple feather shoe clips (shoes included!) are $40.

Are you feeling a certain color lately? Do you also wish SNL would bring back Celebrity Jeopardy? I'll take Colors That End In Urple for $500, Alex.

Want to win some cute summer earrings? You still have time to enter my giveaway.


  1. Great finds!! :) Love the shoes.

  2. These are wonderful!
    Purple is an all-time favourite, but I'm going through a blue period lately.

  3. I love the purple! It matches the lining of a bag I made.

  4. I want it ALL. Except maybe the Kindle sleeve.

  5. purple is a favorite of mine for fall! my favorite color ever is mustard :)



  6. Love this jewel toned purple. Also, love celebrity jeopardy on SNL, especially Sean Connery!

  7. love the purple dress! following you, xx Joice

  8. I love purple..and I love that dress!!

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