Monday, June 13, 2011

On the Cheap: Warehouse

Do you ever hear about something awesome and feel like kind of a boob because you didn't know about it before? Just happened.

Fellow Etsy blogger Anna mentioned a magical website called Warehouse the other day, and I'm wondering how I missed it:

Hello, awesome tribal print dress! Those are words I thought I'd never say together, but here they are, proving me wrong. $40.

It wouldn't be this blog if I didn't talk about a sweater. Light pink with sequins for a 50's-inspired vibe, $32.

I strongly believe in the embellished black shirt. This one is especially versatile, and even though I just went on that rant about how clothes fall apart these days... I kind of want to buy it. $32.

Have you shopped at Warehouse? Do you have another hidden website gem? Do tell.


  1. never heard of it! must check it out!

  2. Never heard of it either, but off to check out the sweater....

  3. Yeah, the sweater is delicious. Too bad I already have 10 *other* cardigans...

  4. Loving your blog, I have been engulfed in each post since I found the blog on The Etsy Blog Team! PS - I am in the process of checking out the warehouse site...I just couldn't pass it up!

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance!

  5. I like embellished black shirt very much.

    I used kohl's coupon codes 30% to get extra 30% off.