Friday, June 24, 2011

Project Accessory: The Results

I'll get right to it: yesterday was the casting for Project Accessory... and I won't be appearing on the show.

I'm not really disappointed either, because the producer/designer who reviewed everything paid me a couple of nice compliments. First she said, "Your jewelry is very pretty, but not crazy. We're looking for CRAZY." Which is just fine with me, since crazy isn't what I'm going for. And then as she handed back my portfolio, she looked right at me and said, "You're going to be successful no matter what."

As in, I don't need the show.

These were the favorites.

My items have enough appeal that I could make a living selling them. (I'm not there yet, but like the tortoise, slowly and surely...) Some of the other people at the casting made things that were beautiful, but didn't have much marketability. It would be hard for them to make money without a little nudge. Like something a TV show could provide.

Nothing like a verbal high-five to brighten your day! Anywho, let's look at the outfit:

jacket: Macy's
shirt: Banana
jeans: F21
shoes: Target
locket: I made it

It was rainy and cold, so the weather dictated the closed-toe shoes and jacket, and then I just wore my favorite jeans (comfy!) and a slightly dressy blouse (flattering color!) to keep it easy.

Overall, it was a shorter wait than I expected; about 3 hours. I don't have a solid number of people who auditioned because if a representative was sent over from a "bigger" designer, they got to cut in line (lame). If I had to guess, between 80 and 100 people were there in the morning, with another 6 hours left for more to show up.

One unexpected person I ran into was my cousin! Neither of us knew the other was going. More on what happened with her later if I'm allowed to share.

Has anybody else ever tried out for a TV show? Done anything equally daring? At least I got a good story out of it (though it would've been better if Tim Gunn was there--womp, womp).


  1. Your outfit is adorable! Sorry you didn't get the show but it's probably for the best in the end. Hope you have a good weekend:) xo, Mary

  2. Big kuddos to you for giving it a shot! Most people don't even have the guts to do that!!

  3. i have never heard of project accessory! i can see why you didn't make it though, your jewelry is to lovely and elegant, they probably want absolute insanity! great outfit, and good luck with the jewels :)


  4. Thanks, you guys!

    Brittany, I knew I wasn't getting through because three jewelry designers with more "wild" designs got eliminated right before me. I heard there were also WAY more jewelry folks than anything, and the judges were looking for shoes and handbags. Oh well! It was still a cool experience.

  5. How many people showed up? You know, you are also probably WAY too normal... they also want some wacky nut jobs to make it good TV. HA! Good for you for giving it a shot... now, just keep making that beautiful jewelry and it will sell itself...

  6. I'm not sure how many showed up in total, but there were 80-100 in the morning. I left with about 6 hours to go, so more could've gone later in the day.

  7. Well done for giving it a go and for using the experience in a positive way! And your jewelry IS very lovely!

  8. It's good that you didn't take it personally--they're right, they look for kooky because it's good TV. Your stuff (especially that envelope necklace) is gorgeous and sophisticated.

  9. Your jewelry is pretty! I can't believe they would want "crazy" lol...I'm not into that. But I love your stuff! I'm your newest follower, found you on Etsy :)


  10. Lovely outfit and glad you received that wonderful compliment:):) No doubt you have your own followers, who love your jewelry:)

  11. Wow! Your work is stunning, I can't imagine what I'll end up seeing on the show. I know a couple of others who auditioned but they're being very hush hush about it. I agree though, your work will sell itself, it's gorgeous. :)

  12. The outfit is great - shows off your fabulous legs. With my short tubby legs I am always so envious of long slender legs :-)

  13. yes, you do have very beautiful jewelry! and that lady's right. you don't need the show!

    Notes She Wrote

  14. aww big kudos to you! What a nice compliment.
    I think your jewelry is VERY pretty, but you know me pretty well. I don't do jewelry.
    If I did, I'd definitely enter your giveaway. :)