Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY: No-Sew Kindle Sleeve

Most of the time, I like my Kindle. She's lightweight, holds many more books than my arms ever could, and is a nice space-saver for those of us who live in small houses. On the other hand, it's still annoying to think about charging a book. Mainly because I don't always remember to do it.

But I've been on a hot streak lately, and since my Kindle-baby has been getting so much use, it was time to make her a new sleeve.  A no-sew sleeve, of course!

Nothing I make is ever complicated, but this is as easy as it gets. Cutting and gluing are the only steps.

First, I bought some felt that was embossed with a crocodile motif. (Apparently this is a new trend I've been missing: awesomely-printed felts.) Each piece was 99 cents.

I decided the red would go on the inside, so cut a centimeter from three of the edges to make a smaller "pocket" for the Kindle. Then I lined everything up, just to make sure I'd have enough room for the Liquid Stitch.

Felt is a "thirsty" fabric, so even when you think you have enough Liquid Stitch (or glue of your choice), you'll probably need to slather some more on there. I glued the red pocket together first, pressing down as I went.

I did the same thing for the brown exterior. And I'm not kidding when I say you'll need A LOT of adhesive. If you don't put enough down, it'll soak right in before the sides can stick together, and then you'll have weird gappy holes everywhere.

Ooze? It will dry clear.

So once your gallon of LS is ready to roll, press down hard on the outside seam. For an extra-firm attachment, put the sleeve under a heavy book. Leave it there for a few hours.

And that's it! Say hello to your new Kindle holder:

What do you store your Kindle in? Ever made one of these yourself? What'd you use?


  1. I love it! Your kindle looks very snazzy now. What a great idea...the kindle covers are SO expensive...great job!

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  3. Cute cute cute! I just have a boring old leather cover, this is way more fun... Orangies Attic

  4. It looks great! I love how you can put two things together and solve a problem.

    (I have grand, secret plans for our Kindle *rubs hands together impishly*)

  5. This is such a great idea! I don't have a kindle but I think I'll make a smaller version for my iphone that I'm always dropping haha


  6. looks like a DYI i could actually do! although I don't have kindle...



  7. Very nice and easy too! I like the patterned felt!

  8. That was an easy to follow step by step way ......
    Now I am off to buy a Kindle :-)

  9. Yay Haddock, wekcome to the Kindle world! You will love it! You know, I already have a fabulous Kindle cover with a built-in light, which comes in very handy for sitting outside after dark, but I need a cover for my little netbook computer thing. Maybe I'll try making one of these for that! I hope the felt comes in big enough pieces, and I'll have to invest in some Liquid Stitch! For some reason I'm all about the crafting lately....very odd.

  10. Very cool! I love that you used liquid stitch.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. Oh, how cool and trendy with the new crocodile felt! Funny enough, I posted a link to a sewing how-to fro Kindle. We must be reading our minds by now :)

  12. I love that and that felt is so cute. I think I saw something similar at Hobby Lobby. I don't have a kindle but I do have a tablet pc that I carry around from time to time. I like this sleeve because it doesn't add bulk. Think I'll make one!

  13. Love the fun felt! I need a new phone sleeve and this would be great!

  14. Love this idea! I would love for you to share it on my link party this Friday at