Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In My Shoes.

I get a lot of questions from people about what an average day looks like for me. They know I have a part-time office job, and that I sell jewelry the other half of the time... but what does that really mean? Do I make a pair of earrings and then take a bubble bath? (No, because I don't like baths. Showers all the way.)

The passenger seat on any given day.

Honestly, everyday is different. It depends on a lot of variables, like how many orders I have to make, or if I'm gearing up for an art show. So I decided to document everything I did yesterday, just to give you a look at a day in the life of me:

5:55 am -- Get startled awake by my iPhone alarm. Decide that since my phone is already in my hand, I'd better look at Pinterest.

6:02 am -- Put down Pinterest (with great difficulty) and start getting ready. After my shower I have to wake up Hubsey, who falls back asleep after his alarm goes off.

7:18 am -- Leave for the train station. Hubsey gets dropped off and I continue my trek to The Day Job.

Bonus points: Can you name the two characters?

8:00 am to 12:00 pm -- Sit in my cube at The Day Job. Highlights include answering a large volume of emails and reading Young House Love. I also wrote yesterday's blog post.

12:38 pm -- Eat lunch (Taco Bell) while trying to watch an episode of Paranormal Challenge. Lose interest halfway through and look at a wedding registry instead.

1:15 pm -- Get ready for an afternoon of running errands. This is the part of my day that always changes. Today I have to mail a couple of orders, hit up JoAnn for a few supplies (including something for my Halloween costume), drop off some stuff at GoodWill, put gas in the car, and maybe purchase those wedding gifts if I have time.

3:56 pm -- Return victorious! I got everything except the item for my Halloween costume AND I found these babies waiting for me at GoodWill (yes, I usually wander in after I make a donation):

$1.99 each.

I couldn't decide what color to paint them--yellow or oil-rubbed bronze--so I bought cans of both because spray paint was on sale. Score! The plan is to paint one each color and put them in different rooms.

4:26 pm -- Arrive at the chiropractor four minutes early. This is the one event I keep the same every week, because when I change it up I ALWAYS forget. And then I'm that annoying person who has to call the office all the time.

4:51 pm -- Do a hodge-podge of stuff, including the dishes and fixing a DIY project from Pinterest that turned out weird the first time. But now it's cute! Tutorial coming tomorrow.

6:28 pm --  Hubsey's train is delayed, so I get a little business planning done in the parking lot while I wait.

7:10 pm -- Dinner! Breaded cod, baked potatoes, and green beans.

We have Glee on in the background while we eat, and I know it's only the first episode, but I don't have high hopes for this year. It just feels so... rehashed. Le sigh.

8:00 pm -- Make jewelry while watching the premiere of New Girl, which was FAB. Partially because watching that character was like watching myself, and I could not. stop. laughing. Sample dialogue:

Cute guy: I like your glasses.
New girl: They help me see!

8:57 pm -- Yoga, while watching some Kathy Griffin standup. Are you noticing a pattern yet?

9:31 pm -- Celebratory ice cream for getting some exercise, scooped by Hubsey. Work on this blog post for an indeterminate amount of time before falling asleep on the couch.

Whew! That sounds like a lot, which is funny because it doesn't really feel like that much when I'm doing it. What's also funny is thinking ahead to what I'll be doing this afternoon/evening and it looks nothing like this.

What does an average day look like for you? Is there such a thing?


  1. I'm a new blog follower and I've gotta say I LOVE your blog. I kinda can't stop reading your posts- bad for a workday. Looking forward to more!


  2. Phineas from Phineas and Ferb (I think) and definitely Jack the Pumpkin King! A day in the life - yes!

  3. Ha, ha, Paige, really, really enjoyed your day:):) Especially the Pinterest fix first thing in the morning:)

  4. Love this post... I love to see what people do during their day. :) :) I agree about Glee.... last night's episode was very uninspiring and felt very scattered. Hopefully things get better..... I haven't watched The New Girl yet but I've got it saved!

  5. I love this post! I should really do this or the a-z thing that everyone is doing!

  6. fun hearing about your day! all those errands really add up! i hate it when half my day off is spent running around!



  7. Sounds like a full day. Enjoyed hearing about your day, and your dinner looked tasty too.
    Everyday Inspired

  8. I also saw Kathy Griffin. Funny lady. I enjoyed this peek into your day! xo, Mary

  9. Great to see into the life of other bloggers/crafters!

  10. Thanks for letting us take a peek inside your day! It's always nice to see what our fellow busines people and bloggers do when they aren't at their computers.

    It sounds like a full day. But you are right, it seems like more when you have it all written out.

  11. This was fun! Always cool to see how people manage their days. Mine are usually punctuated with diapers, snacks and naps. Leaving it relatively similar each day.Sometimes a week just feels like a really long long day.

  12. Lostlemonade, it's somebody from Phineas and Ferb, but not Phineas! :-)

  13. I loved reading this - you live a full life, that's for sure! But a good, fulfilling life, too, it sounds like. I'm making the transition to full-time business owner/crafter to full-time writer. But at the moment, I'm doing both, so things are extra intense and crazy. Thanks so much for sharing - glad I found your blog! :)