Friday, September 16, 2011

Pinterest #6

So, I had this other post planned out, and I was all proud of myself for working ahead and getting the pictures done, but then I forgot to email them to myself and now they're stuck on my computer at home.

My bad.

Luckily, there's Pinterest. Here are my favorites from the last week or so, starting with the most glorious kitchen you will ever see:

A stunning wedding dress from the 40s:

Old tea tins turned into handy fridge containers:

Hello, red purse!

A great way to use up scraps of paper:

This sofa looks like it's from Z Gallerie. The location by us CLOSED, which is a great tragedy:

And this is the story of my life:

Any big weekend plans? Hubsey and I are going to a fall festival with my folks tomorrow and catching up with some college friends on Sunday. Somewhere in there we'd like to celebrate our 5 year anniversary (of dating, not our wedding--yes, we're saps), but it doesn't look like we'll have time. We did have bar nachos for dinner last night, so I guess that could count?


  1. Oh my...that kitchen is DIVINE! I <3 it...which in turn makes me very angry at my own kitchen for being so...not that kitchen.
    The scary moment is so true...even worse...a roach being there then not when you come back with raid. Ewwww! Yuck.
    The grey couch makes my mouth water...just saying.
    No huge plans for me this weekend...I have to attempt to force myself to take my exam. Last weekend I failed at forcing myself haha.
    Happy 5 years! :)

  2. Oh! And a hair appointment for or or black! I guess I'll find out tomorrow! :)

  3. What awesome finds!
    I only have about a billion paper scraps so that tree is my fave!
    And that kitchen is making me drool...lots of cabinets AND lots of counter space!!!
    And that spider quote is SO me!

    I have my first fall show tomorrow, so I'll be finishing getting ready for that today, at the show all day Sat. And then hopefully going to a car show on Sunday :) Luckily I have Monday off work to reccuperate!

  4. LOVEEEEE the Zgallerie velvety tufted sofa! And the greeny jadey black kitchen! Happy 5yr dater anniversary! Enjoy! xox!

  5. Yummmm nachos. :P Love these pins... though the first has gotta be my favorite! I don't have any bit weekend plans, the husband is leaving for a work trip so it's kind of sad around my place. I forsee a lot of moping through the weekend. :P Hope you have a good time at the festival!

  6. love those! i love the velvet couch & that wedding dress! all your finds are quite lovely. pinterest is the best!!


  7. I love that kitchen. I almost repinned that one and then forgot to go back and do it. The paper trees are cute, too, and I certainly have the paper scraps to do one! Have fun this weekend! I think we may actually be painting our bathroom finally- woo hoo!

  8. Oh that wedding dress is amazing!! And I love the fridge containers too. So cute. Hope you have a great weekend, and find some time to celebrate your anniversary too:)

  9. I love pinterest! Great finds. The tea cans turned into fridge magnets are very cool.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. Loved all your pins -- especially the purple couch! I've got to start following you on Pinterest!

  11. Oh I think I have all of those except the couch and spider *I LOVE TO PIN* : D

  12. I want that kitchen!!! I love everything about it. I love the glass doors, the decorative and creative storage, the green and black, the island. I'm so jealous!!! I could do some major cooking and baking in there. Heck, if I had a kitchen like that, I'd live in it!

  13. oh my goodness.. This wedding dress... is so so so beautiful !

  14. So excited to have found your blog! Looks like we have similar taste in design. How I LOVE Pinterest!!
    Your newest follower,
    Robyn from