Monday, October 17, 2011

Go Retro: I might need to renew my vows already.

I'm baaaaack! I took a little jaunt to Washington DC for a long weekend (and had planned to blog at least once while I was there, but an internet connection was $13 a day at my hotel--railway robbery if you ask me) so now I have some catching up to do.

Before I show you the pictures from my trip, I need to tell you about something awesome I found with a friend last Wednesday:

Pretend my head is there.

What's up, 1950s wedding dress? You have beautiful lace flowers, flattering sleeves, and you're in fantastic condition! And you're only $75 at the charity shop! I should take you home and tell Hubsey we're renewing our vows already. Nevermind that I couldn't zip you all the way. I would've made it work. I should go back and buy you.

In all seriousness, it was the prettiest dress I've seen in a while. This picture I took myself in the dressing room is more true-to-color. It's slightly yellowed by age, but still GORGEOUS.

The lace detail repeats again on either side of the full skirt:

And it had a massive train that took up most of the dressing room:

I was shocked to find something this fantastic at a resale shop. If it were mine, I would've hunted down somebody who wanted to wear it (like meeeee!), or sold it to a collector.

Have you ever come across a treasure at a thrift store? Something you can't BELIEVE a person would just donate? Did you buy it? I really want to go back for the dress, but what would I (realistically) do with it?


  1. I hope you had a nice trip- DC can be so fun! Lovely dress. It was probably donated by some relative who has no understanding about what it really is. :( I don't have any good thrift store finds because I never seem to do well in them, but I did get my wedding dress on ebay for $40 (sample dress). So that's something, right?

  2. What! $40 is IMPRESSIVE. In fact, I think you win the prize, because I haven't heard of anybody paying less than that.

  3. Some of the things I find make me sad... frames with old family pics/etc. LOVE the dress!

  4. Oh, that dress is beautiful...and beautiful on you too! The last time I went to the thrift shop, I found fabric pieces that were free. Doesn't get any cheaper than that!

  5. That dress is gorgeous! I haven't found anything great in a thrift store in a long time, mostly because all the good ones are located far out of the city, and we don't have a car. The ones accessible by public transit get picked over pretty quickly. There are several resale and vintage shops in the city, but they can be pricey. I don't know what you could do with the dress, but I agree it seems to pretty to pass up!

  6. Ok that dress is so freaking pretty! If I wasn't married I would call that shop up and order stat. If I could go back three years and do my wedding again (even though I loved my dress) I would do an entire vintage wedding and this dress would be the star!! Great find!

  7. That dress is so lovely - $40 - WOW! It has a touch of Kate about it with the lace sleeves - lovely!

  8. It's truly beautiful, Paige! Love the sleeves!
    I'm sure people would pay shinies for it, in a second —I would!

    (BTW, I found my wedding dress at a thrift store: 70's prairie style, off white...)

  9. GORGEOUS dress!! My girlfriend found an antique Singer Featherweight sewing machine in near mint condition for $10 (worth at least $300). My daughter is the thrift store / consignment queen.