Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

You may recall that the plan was to dress up as this fine lady for Halloween 2011 (Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter, for those unfamiliar):

Well, I did! Here's how it all came together:

shirt: F21
skirt: H&M
corset: I made it
tights: Target
shoes: from the depths of my mom's closet
wand: leftover from Halloween last year

All told, the entire look set me back $4. I had to buy the felt and ribbon to make the corset, but everything else I already had--which is kind of ridiculous. Who knew I dressed like a crazy ex-con whose sole agenda is to kill that mudblood Harry Potter?

Did you dress up this year? What were you? Anybody else skip the store and make your own? Feel free to link up to any posts or pictures in the comments--I want to see!


  1. Hi Paige! The costume turned out great! I LOVE handmade costumes. We didn't do anything this year but today I posted about last years costumes:

    Sometimes the handmade route is exhausting when you're looking for that perfect part to the costume, I think that's why we skipped this year.

  2. Paige, you did it - looks pretty good to me!
    Happy Halloween.

  3. Ahhhhh! You look great!
    My look put me back $4.82 for the tights...not bad!

  4. This looks great! I love that you were able to put it together with things you had on hand :)
    We didn't get to dress up this year! Maybe next year :)

  5. It looks so good!! And your hair is pretty adorable!
    The Mr. and I just put on black and white striped tops and wore all black with beanies and painted $ on totes and called ourselves burglars. That's usually how our halloween goes!

  6. So fun. I made mine and the hubsters as well. (costumes cost so much these days!!) I was a tree and the hubs was a tree hugger. It was so fun and I got lots of hugs:) I just wore the outfit I made here:
    and then wrapped myslef in garland. Love a cheap costume!

  7. Very nicely done! There are worse things than realizing you dress like Bellatrix.

    I spent $3 on my costume. I am a pirate and I bought a billowy white top and a patterned vest. Jeans and boots and jewelry I already owned.

    Obviously I have jewelry like a pirate! LOL

  8. $4! nice job! i was Mia Wallace from pulp fiction so I basically bought a wig! hope you had a fun halloween!



  9. Great costume! You did a nice job recreating that look and for only $4 amazing.
    Happy Halloween.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. I love your costume! It's perfect. :)

  11. Love this!! I'm not really dressing up today because I don't have plans. I do love dressing up though! Most of the time, I like to keep it Harry Potter-related. Glad you understand, haha :)

  12. Your costume looks great and for the right price! Well done!