Monday, December 12, 2011

December Sponsor Spotlight

Not to give you a minor panic attack, but Christmas is less than two weeks away and Hanukkah is even closer than that. So if you still have some gift buying left to do, I suggest you take a peek at my lovely December sponsors! They have some amazing holiday collections to offer:

Miss Meghan Elizabeth - Crafting has always been a hobby of mine. I've dabbled in everything from clay, drawing, mural painting, scrapbooking, woodworking, and beading.  As I've matured I’ve found a niche in jewelry design. My designs have two distinct focuses - timelessness and rustic.  Pearls are my absolute favorite element to work with.  I spent over six months perfecting my flagship design of the pearl cluster before ever opening my Etsy shop.

Currently I'm working on my winter collection which will be made up of jewelry using teal pearls, cracked quartz, and Aveturine.  And new this holiday season I'm offering necklace displays that I've handcrafted myself.  You can see all of that and more in my Etsy shop, and be sure to check out my blog for upcoming sale info!

Shabby Apple - Great dresses that make getting dressed simple. No worrying about flashing accidential skin or finding a coordinating cardi--Shabby dresses are designed to be a one-piece outfit. Check out their brand new vintage inspired collection, featuring looks from the 20s through the early 50s (like the dress above). Plus, a portion of their sales benefit women in Asia and Africa. Cute clothes for a good cause? Yes, please.

Goofing Off Sewing Supplies - GoofingOff Sewing Supplies offers sewing patterns, modern and vintage, Judaic fabrics, and other sewing supplies to enable all people who sew make their ideas come to life. My name is Eileen, and I love supplying that special dress or jacket pattern for a wedding or maybe a blouse pattern like the first thing someone ever sewed or had sewn for him or her. Offering Judaic fabrics is very special to me; I am one of the few suppliers of Judaic fabrics on the web. Be sure to find me on Facebook and Twitter too

Favor Creative - My name is Vicki and I own a handcrafted eco-friendly herb favors and event stationery shop dedicated to all things creative for life's special occasions. I am passionate about using all-natural and eco-friendly choices for event favors as well as my everyday life. My Herbs in a Box Favor was created using 100% biodegradable materials and packed and shipped with a conscious effort to reduce its impact on our earth.

Marilyn P Sushi - is a self-taught jewelry designer and mastermind behind Pulp Sushi. She is what happens when you cross a Retro Secretary with the Bride of Frankenstein. Creating jewelry pieces to help you express just a pinch of your playful, flirty, quirky side. You can find some of my jewelry and accessories (like these bobby pins!) along with items from other great artists at For your readers I would like to offer a 15% discount on their purchase at when they use the code FCOBLOG during checkout.

Nic's Button Buds - Nicole creates stunning bouquets, boutonnieres, shoe clips, and brooches out of buttons. Each piece is carefully made by hand and is truly something to treasure for years to come. She also enjoys quilting, and has a selection of fun fabric postcards in her shop.

 - I'm Julia and my blog was started in October 2010 as a way to chronicle my adventures in motherhood as well as share updates about my Etsy shop, Emory&Olly. Over the past year my goals remain relatively the same with both ventures, however GoatNotes blog has shifted to focus more on intentional living, self sufficiency, celebrating all things handmade and has become a space of inspiration for myself and others.

A big thank you to these ladies for sponsoring Final Clothes-Out this month! Be sure to visit all of their fabulous shops and blogs, and maybe cross those last gift ideas off your list.

If you're interested in advertising on Final Clothes-Out, check out my sponsorship page for more information.


  1. Great products - thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Meghan's jewelry is awesome. I just favorited her Etsy shop! Ooh, and I love Shabby Apple, but int'l shipping is so expensive...

  3. what lovely sponsors! i will have to check some of them out :)



  4. What a great group! Considering the fact that I have done about 5% of my Christmas shopping, I should probably go check out their shops right now. :)


  5. Thanks Duni! And thank's Paige! I've been getting many hits at the shop! I love Etsy's new shop stats feature so I know they were funneled from you!