Monday, February 20, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

It's a little crazy to think that less than a year ago, this was all the storage I needed for my shops:

These days, not so much. We did some overhauling this weekend (which included a pit stop at the Blue and Yellow Palace) and here's where things are now:


Too bad we didn't think of this sooner, because it really makes a huge difference. Now the room is more or less divided in half, instead of having my work stuff mixed in with the guest area. And I'm not normally one of those whose mood is influenced by the weather, but it's been SO NICE working by the window the last couple of days.

Here's the bed now that it's on the opposite wall:

Don't worry, I'm not going to leave the shelf all unbalanced like that. Some kind of art is going into the bare spot to even things out. Same with the other side of the room, since Marvin The Dinosaur is adding some serious height on one side:

Luckily, we have quite the collection to choose from:

This barely scratches the surface. I feel like a hoarder.

So that's how she looks for today. I'll be sure to share final pictures with you when the rest is done. Have you been making any changes around the house this holiday weekend? Or buying IKEA furniture? Who else has more art than wall space? What does your studio/office/craft room look like?


  1. Marvin the dinosaur totally steals the spotlight! He is so darn cute. I love how you are using the pirate ship looking case (obviously I have no idea what it's called) as a bed side table. It looks like everything is coming together. I wish I lived closer to ikea...the closet one to me is 2 and half hours away! My office/studio is a loft so it's hard to hide the mess in there!

  2. Oh, man, your questions just beg to be answered because I can answer every one of them! You know how much of a disaster our house has been, and we HAVE been buying Ikea furniture. The Hemnes looks great up there by the way. We have the opposite problem, however. We have WAY more wall space than art and have been trying to madly fill up the spaces. And there's a sneak peak of my craft room on the blog today!

  3. This looks great! You've really inspired me to get going on my studio. We have the furniture and everything, but just need to get started on organization and set up. I feel like I haven't been able to be creative lately and I think it's because everything is so disorganized and in transition at the moment. Maybe I'll get some of that done today on my day off!

    1. I totally understand not feeling creative when things are messy! Drives me bonkers when there's too much clutter in the main living area or my office. Gaaah!

  4. I hope to be moving to a bigger apartment soon! I'm pretty much dying. Right now all of my craft stuff is in a closet, and I do all of my sewing and making on our dining room table! I'm happy you are expanding and making progress though. It's very inspirational!

  5. The Blue and Yellow Palace...I love it! It's amazing how quickly storage needs expand. A year and a half ago, I could fit all of my inventory in a small Ann Taylor Loft shopping bag. Now I did a big plastic storage tub. Your guest room/work area looks great!

    Here are a few pictures of my craft room a couple months after we moved to our house.
    I do most of my creating in front of the TV in our finished basement, but that room is where I photograph, sew, and store everything.

  6. Can't wait to see the final pics! And yes, I have more artwork than walls... I wish I had more walls!

  7. These look great! I LOVE the shelf above your bed. I also think it's awesome that you planned out where the artwork will go. :)

    My studio looks like a big hot mess. Sigh. One day I'll get around to redoing it!

  8. Wow! Your studio is looking great. Very inspiring.

  9. Don't you love not being perfect? I do!! I'm your newest imperfect follower-stop by for a visit!!

  10. I love how you mix the colors and patterns together! It's very well done!

  11. Love your studio--the green chair just "pops!" These are gorgeous and I bet they taste fabulous! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday--hope you'll be back this week!
    Mary @ Very Merry Vintage Style

  12. I love the color scheme! And Marvin! Who doesn't love a good dinosaur?