Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gift Guide: Non-Traditional Valentine's Day

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Personally, I've never been a big fan. I mean, it's fine, love is obviously a good thing, but I feel like waaaaaaay too much emphasis is placed on that one day. People need to be good parters all the time, not just once a year. Thankfully Hubsey agrees with me, so we tend to do smaller, non-traditional gifts if we do gifts at all. Things like this:

First, an adorable ceramic ring holder and/or spoon rest (so versatile!) that's shaped like a pear. $6.

Terrariums have been making quite the comeback, and this smaller 5" version would be a fun addition to just about any space. $26.

Who doesn't want a robot wall hanging? Especially of such a friendly little guy. $12.

Finally, a pretty and practical gift is always a good move. I actually own this very same chevron craft show apron (thanks, Kristen!) and it's so handy. $25.

So what about you? Are you a big V-Day fan? Do you like the ultra-traditional gifts like chocolate and roses? Maybe you and your other half don't do gifts at all?


  1. Wonderful finds. I love the ring holder and apron.

  2. Woo hoo! Thanks, Paige! I'm so glad you love the apron!!

    We aren't big on the holiday either, but our anniversary is 2 days later, so we tend to go out to dinner for that, and it kind of lumps the two together. I love the gifts you found- Gus has his eye on that robot now.

  3. We don't do gifts. But I love the idea of non-traditional gifts like these :)

  4. The hubby and I don't celebrate V-Day either. I think it is sweet to watch some couples do it, but for us, we're happy doing random things for each other throughout the year instead of with all the pressure built up about one day.

    Mom's Daily Zen

  5. Meh, I'm never too motivated about Valentine's Day either...

    Actually, I never apply the term "romantic" to anything —unless it's something related to (or taking after) the actual 18th Century movement.

    (So funny that you're suggesting an apron for V-day)

    1. It's not THAT kind of apron. :-)

      Can you tell I don't cook much? The traditional meaning didn't even cross my mind.

    2. HaHa!
      I totally thought it was the cooking kind! For a second I thought you were just wrecking all conventional notions of the typical V-day gift.
      Oh wait, that's what this post is about!
      You're funny, Paige. =)

  6. Very nice finds! I especially like the pear! TFS

  7. I totally agree with you about Valentine's Day. Being a great partner means being a great partner all year, not just making good one day of the year with a generic gift. Jake and I generally go out for dinner and don't do gifts. I love your non-traditional gift ideas!

  8. I totally agree with you. I like holidays mostly so I can do my own thing; make crafts, eat yummy food, and spend time with my loved ones. Love should be shared every day, and not just on designated holidays.