Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy

When I shared my studio's makeover progress a few weeks ago, I got a lot of really nice comments from you guys and from folks I know in real life. It was fun to hear what you liked and what you plan to do in your own houses. One thing that struck me, though, was how clean everybody thought my office looked.

I am not the kind of girl who gets told her house looks clean very often.

Usually I only hear it from Hubsey, but that's just because he's seen the place at its worst. (Our ability to make a mess is rather impressive, if I do say so myself.)


Since I don't want to give the false impression that I have some secret organization plan, here's how things actually look in here on any given day:

And in the spirit of keepin' it real, I would qualify this as "not terrible." There's nothing on the floor and I can still see a lot of desk, so it's a win.

Over on the windowsill, which has just become an extension of my workspace, there's this collection of goodies:

I used a saw in my office. Don't judge.

Why yes, that IS a hacksaw resting on top of a dried bowl of paint next to some crumpled sandpaper and a cut yardstick. And yes, it's all been there for 2 weeks.

So don't go around thinking I'm That Blogger with a perfect house. I just moved my crap to the other side of the room so I could focus on my work without actually putting anything away. And then it all sits there until I need that side of the room for something else. It's a vicious cycle.

What about you? Any blog mysteries you want to clarify? What does your house look like right now? Are you one of the few who actually keeps it pretty neat? If so, please tell us all of your secrets in the comments.


  1. Ha! I do the same thing with moving the crap to the other side of the room. Our garage is the space where we do many of our projects and it's a disaster area most days. :) Thanks for keeping it real. Megan

  2. LOL..I'm part of that vicious cycle as well. "Where can I put this so I can use my work table. Oh, that pile looks good." :)
    Being able to tell there's a table under your work is "clean" to me :)

  3. Great post! I have projects all over the house right now. Jewelry in the craft room, a painting station in both the garage and living room, and seedling plants for my garden all over the porch!

    I do try and keep my kitchen and bathroom clean always - that would drive me nuts if it weren't. But I also don't make the bed, ever.

  4. LOL

    I have been working on clearing stuff out of my office. It feels good to see progress! My house is clean :-) My office...well it is full of half finished projects but the finishing half is on my "to Do" list in the next couple of weeks (it will take that long too) All neatly stacked by the thread color I need to put in the machine to finish them.

    I am stopping by from Blogging Buddies

  5. Love this! I'm going to be home tomorrow and I'm gonna take some pictures of my works space as is and it's gonna blow your mind how messy it is lol! I'll tidy it up, walk away and come back to a mess again, I don't know how it happens! ;)

  6. Hahahaha, you're a braver lady than I am. I would be mortified to show my apartment right now. It's a small place, so the whole thing is my studio, and I've got piles of prints and classwork, fabric from fashion balled up and strewn about, and pencils everywhere lol.

    Props to you! I always enjoy your posts :)

  7. Now that I work from home, I've made more of a conscious effort to straighten up our house on a daily basis. I still am not a fan of hard cleaning (scrubbing the sinks, vacuuming, etc.), but I take care of most of the clutter, including in my crafting areas. It takes discipline, but it's well worth it. It also doesn't mean that I'd take a picture of any area of house at any time that I'd feel good about posting online.

  8. Haha....I'm laughing because most people *should* realize that no one's gonna take blog photos daily of the way their house really looks! If we all did, no one would like reading blogs I guess. But I actually do like to see WIP messes...they get me inspired a bit!

  9. I definitely move things out of the way when taking a picture. I don't want you guys to be distracted by my junk!
    I do, however, have to clean my craft space before I mess it up again.

  10. My idea of organization is stuffing whatever doesn't fit in my craft drawers into plastic bags and then jamming them into corners in my room. No, I won't be sharing any pics of that! lol

  11. There is a reason why you never see pictures of the inside of my house on my blog ;)

  12. Oh girl that isn't even bad...especially being so close to finals! If I were to post a picture of my room right now...I think it might literally kill my readers! :) Crafts & studio are just so darn messy!

  13. Hahaha, you seriously made me laugh today! Especially with the phrase "and I can still see a lot of desk" hahaha, still cannot stop laughing!

    Well, it seems that creative and rather inspired people are bound to be messy. When you reside in a world of inspiration it is quite normal to shut your eyes for reality, right? I am very often in a similar situation but I must admit I hate it and quickly straighten it out. I prefer mess-free and minimal surroundings because otherwise my brain feels cluttered and I block. (I just realized I have a "sensitive" brain hahaha)

  14. I totally understand moving things from one place to another. My work space is always in a little bit of chaos, and right now it's worse then usual. I have so many projects going on I just can't keep it up. Your space looks pretty good to me!

  15. This is great timing! Just today my hubby strolled into my office/studio, and said..... "hmmm, eclectic." He was too nice to say "what a mess"!

  16. I think tidying up is the greatest challenge in the world, especially when you need to start it with your mind, LOL:-) Thanks for a lovely post and more power to your blog!

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