Monday, April 9, 2012

Great Lengths

Yesterday after Easter brunch, Hubsey and I came home and took a walk around our neighborhood. There were a lot of people out, and I noticed a rather... alarming trend. Maybe I'm just too old and married to understand Kids These Days, but what is the DEAL with the micro miniskirts? And why do people think they're appropriate to pair with fishnets for Easter?

I saw three of these outfits yesterday and I'm baffled. So in honor of covered thighs (especially when you're having brunch with your grandma), here are some longer options for your viewing pleasure:

Navy bird dress, $69 

Coral two-tone dress, $75

Overlay sleeve dress, $57

Damask dress, $69

All dresses are from Dorothy Perkins--have you been there? Amazing. Obviously I got all distracted looking at the party garb, but they have a lot of stuff for everyday wear, too. And as you can see, the prices are pretty good.

Anyway, am I the only one who thinks miniskirts at family functions are weird? Especially a religious holiday? Any other Dorothy Perkins fans in the house? Which of these is your fave?


  1. I think miniskirts are weird in general...then again I've never been a "flaunt it" type of girl. I went to the mall on Saturday and there were two girls probably 12 years old in booty shorts with shirts tied up so you could see their tummy and knee high socks...what?

    I'm a HUGE DP fan...I have probably 4 or 5 dresses from the site but I've only every purchased off the sale rack :)

  2. I hate seeing my little cousins wearing alarming clothing like that! But I do have to remind myself that I was the same way in my teens...LOL :)
    Love the Navy Bird Dress and the Overlay Sleeve Dress!

  3. I love all these dresses! Who wears mini-skirts? Perhaps I'm just too old for that jazz. I have been getting into skirts lately but typically A-line cuts that go past my knee.

  4. Ugh! I can't stand mini skirts! And half of the shirts that my female students are wearing are so gross. They wear such low cut stuff. I always wonder how their parents let them out of the house in that, and then when their parents come for conferences they're wearing the same thing! If one of my girls is wearing something too low cut, I look at her, grab my own shirt and pull it up to give them the message, then tell them that they're sending the wrong message to the boys by dressing like that. As for mini skirts, they'd be sent home if they showed up in something like that!

    Anyway, rant over. I LOVE the coral two-tone and I'm not even a big dress person. I need to get something like that dress into my life! :)

    1. A friend of mine is a teacher and she says the same thing! I feel like such an old fart saying this, but we didn't dress like that when I was in high school.

  5. Oh, yes, I hear you! So many clothes are so low cut, or so short, etc. I think if a girl is showing a part of her body that she would slap someone for touching ... that's probably a pretty good indication it shouldn't be showing, haha :) It's always nice to find a source modest dresses. I'm really tall, and I don't wear anything shorter than knee length so sometimes its hard to find dresses long enough. That damask dress is lovely!

  6. I get the emails from Dorothy Perkins too, their dresses are so nice! And I agree, I don't care much for mini-skirts myself, especially at a family function. People are crazy. Then again, I saw a Bondage Easter Bunny yesterday, I was too in awe to take a photo. :)

  7. Yea, I don't get it either. You know what it is? It's influence from Jersey Shore. My friend teaches h.s. and says that her students actually think that's how "cool people" dress & dance. Sad that they don't realize the irony of it all....
    P.S. I can't get that first dress out of my mind!

  8. I was definitely one of those teens... sigh.. hahaha. Your picks are beautiful! I love a longer hemline these days ;)

  9. The first and last dresses are beautiful! I am regularly appalled at what people think is appropriate attire for church in general, especially for major holidays. One of the women who serves communion at our church fairly often almost always wears patterned scrubs. Seriously? I agree with Nancy that pop culture is not helping trends like micro mini skirts. It does flaw what people consider normal.

  10. I'm constantly going "that's too short!!" when I see younger girls out. Maybe I am getting old too. Although I know I showed a bit too much skin at times when I was young. I'm just dreading when/if I have a teenage daughter.

  11. Lovely dresses! I think everything is too short these days, and I know it's because I am old and married.
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