Monday, April 30, 2012

Handmade Mother's Day

So it's Monday, which means Mother's Day is two weeks from yesterday. Have you thought about your gift yet? I've given it some thought but, um, it's not done yet. (Thankfully my finals are tomorrow and Thursday, so I'll get a lot of brain space back!) If you're in the same boat, I found some DIY projects and Etsy items that you could use to make it a handmade holiday.

First, an easy tutorial for making some pretty teacup candles. These are a good way to use up the leftover wax at the bottom of a glass votive, too.

This handmade lapis necklace can be personalized with yours and your sibling's initials, and I think it's an elegant alternative to the usual mom-and-kid jewelry out there, $64.

If your mom is a bookworm, she might appreciate a new holder for her e-reader, like this tongue-in-cheek hardcover "book"for $64.

Don't these cake pops look tasty? Even if your mom's not a huge fan of flowers ("I love you, here's something that dies right away!"), I bet she wouldn't mind opening a box to a sunshine-y cake bouquet, $28.

And because one can never have too much storage, a DIY for recovering old boxes (or journals) in cute fabric. Heck, you could put those cake pops inside one of these!

So what are you getting your mom this year? Are you making her anything? What's the best/funniest/nicest thing you've given? I was 11-ish and I got the wild idea to sew her a pair of pot holders out of some leftover fabric I had used to make some kind of Renaissance outfit. They were the ugliest things I'd ever seen, but she still displayed them in the kitchen for a while anyway. What a good sport.


  1. I love all of these! The tea cup candles are adorable. And I have been searching for nook cover like the one you posted but I can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on one. So I'll just keep what I have I suppose!

    I've got my mom covered, she so selflessly sent me a link to what she wanted for Mother's Day :p

  2. some lovely things to make and buy...great finds!

  3. I love those tea-cup candles, Paige! And thanks for the Mom's Day reminder - I've yet to make my gift to my mom!

  4. Great picks! I love the lapis necklace!

  5. Oh my goodness so many good ideas! I love that necklace...but I think I might have to try the cake pop idea! So clever!

  6. I usually wait till the last minute for Mother's Day gifts. My mom is super easy to shop for - anything bath & body related she will love. I never make her anything because she doesn't wear jewelry (booo!)

  7. Great Mother's Day round up! My mom's birthday, dad's birthday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day all take place in a month and a half span. So we usual do a couple get togethers for all of them, and I don't do something specifically for Mother's Day.

  8. Those candles look gorgeous! My mom's birthday is right before mother's day so I need to think of two gifts! I crocheted her a small throw blanket that I finished awhile back, but haven't decided what the Mother's Day present should be.

  9. I love that box covering DIY! I found your blog through the etsy interactive blogging team!

  10. I haven't even thought about, which makes me a terrible daughter! These are great ideas though! I think that your jewelry would also make a wonderful Mom's Day gift. ;) Just sayin'. xo

  11. Oh, you have thought of all moms, haven't you! All exciting and wonderful ideas, right on time to spark some creativity!

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