Friday, April 20, 2012

Pinterest #21

Happy Friday! Ready for some Pinterest-provided eye candy? Let's begin.

Sometimes I play a game with Hubsey called "Guess What I Like In This Picture." I usually grill him about the Crate & Barrel catalog, so he was nice and prepared last night when I busted this image out. (For the record, I dig the beams and silver-trays-as-artwork. And the floors. Basically all of it.)

Now that my hair is getting Rapunzel-esque, I've been investigating real hairstyles to keep it out of my face while I work on my drafting final. This one is especially lovely:

We tried a new recipe over the weekend (since it's one of my goals to cook more this year), Thai chicken enchiladas. Not bad, but the sauce wasn't spicy enough for us:

This is a tutorial for making an iPad case out of some old fabric and a bubble envelope. I think a slightly smaller size would be good for a Kindle, too. If I try it, I'll be sure to let you know:

I found this kitchen makeover yesterday and it should be the #1 example people cite when sharing The Power of Paint. The only things they replaced were the appliances (whaaaat!), everything else just got a fresh coat:

So what neat-o stuff did you find on Pinterest this week? Or anywhere on the web, since I don't want to play favorites? Have any fun weekend plans? I have a bridal expo on Sunday at a historical venue, which I'm excited to see. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. Love all of these! That kitchen remodel is beautiful...I love that floor. The best thing I that I pinned this week was a Strawberry Basil Sangria...I think I'm going to whip it up this weekend. Enjoy your bridal expo. Megan

  2. I also love those beams in that first photo! I'm also really into counter height tables as dining room tables and hope to have one someday.

    I blogged about a cocktail I pinned and tried!

  3. The enchiladas look fabulous! We love spicy food as well, so I may haveto spice up the sauce.
    Found your blog through blogging buddies! Your newest follower!

  4. Love the hairstyle! I'm always looking for new things to do with my hair. You're right that it's amazing what a fresh coat of paint does. I hope that the expo goes well!

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  5. Great kitchen makeover, love the light color!
    Cool hairstyle too!
    I found a lot of things on pinterest....hard to choose as I don't know how many I pinned and has become an addiction...but a good one:)

  6. love this post! i really want to try those enchiladas, that hair do is gorgeous, AND i'm amazed by that before + after interior!

  7. I am so playing that game with my husband when he gets home from tour. PS yay, Pinterest!

  8. Those enchiladas look so tasty! I wish I could do cool stuff to my hair. All I can do is a bun. Not exciting.
    Good luck with the bridal expo!!

  9. LOVE those wood floors!
    And those enchiladas look amazing!
    I hope you try the Kindle case and let us know how it goes...sounds like a great idea to use the bubble mailer!
    Good luck at your Bridal Fair this weekend!

  10. love that top image!! Pinterest is so much fun isnt it? - visual beauty all around!!
    all the best with the Bridalexpo...have fun!

  11. I love the kitchen makeover, it makes me want to redo my kitchen. Good Pinterest finds.
    Everyday Inspired

  12. Love that kitchen make-over!!! Very inspiring. My house needs a fresh coat of paint and I'm always looking for ideas. Love your blog! I'm a new follower.