Friday, July 27, 2012

Pinterest #29

Happy Friday! I'm knee deep in boxes and ready for a break. (I'm actually camping out at a Caribou because we don't get the 'net hooked up until this afternoon. Gaaaah!) To the Pinterest Picks!

My favorite item o' the week is this black dress. I think it speaks for itself:

I'm dying to overhaul one of our new closets, preferably the one in the entryway that has a door smaller than the space behind it. (A waste, I say!) This would be so functional:

Toasted ravioli! I love you! And now I can make you at home!

You know what these candle holders are made out of? PAPER. Go to Michael's or JoAnn and find some pre-punched scrapbook paper. Cut it down to size and wrap it around a plain glass votive. Genius.

Source: uploaded by Facebook user 

And finally, a gorgeous alternative to a traditional bookshelf. I'm not so sure about the chicken wire doors, but other than that, this is a winner:

What goodies have you been eyeballing this week? Any DIY projects you want to tackle? Are you also finding yourself writing with a lot of exclamation points today? What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. The detailing on the back of that dress! Gorgeous. Can't imagine I'd have an occasion fancy enough to wear it but I like it. Also that entryway closet makeover is really great. Now it's like a built-in piece of furniture and more functional too with the added bench. Hope the unpacking is over faster than you know it, and you have time this weekend to relax in your new home! :)

    1. Yes! It's exactly like a piece of awesome furniture. I hadn't thought about it that way, I was just oogling the storage.

  2. That dress is amazing! And that toasted ravioli looks so yummy delicious!!

  3. That dress is amazing. And I, too, love toasted ravioli. Have a great weekend in your new abode!

  4. Love the closet makeover! And the ravioli looks so good!
    As you can see I'm guilty of overusing exclamation points :) (oh...and smiley faces)

  5. The closet makeover is amazing! I would love to make toasted ravioli at home. I'll have to check that out.

  6. That dress is delicately divine!

    ♥ aquariann
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  7. I love the dress! Doesn't moving suck? But it's awesome once you are in the new place. I had a mini housewarming dinner last night. it was a lovely evening.

  8. Call me when you make that toasted ravioli and I'll be over in a heartbeat. And by heartbeat I mean like an hour and ten minutes. Damn traffic on I-290...

  9. Great finds! I am going to have to try those toasted ravioli! The black dress is very beautiful.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. Wowza that black dress is stunning!

  11. love the black dress, love the closet, love the armoire thing! Maybe you could use some radiator screen instead of chicken wire. They have some pretty cool patterns punched out. And when you make the toasted ravioli, just like Dana, I'll be there! You'll need to give me a heads up so I can book a flight, but whatever!!! Happy new house! Happy exclamation points!