Thursday, October 18, 2012

Animal Heads!

Hubsey is going through a new decorating phase. First his modern heart developed a soft spot for shabby chic furniture, then he started drooling over baskets--actually, this one is still happening--and now it's...

Faux Animal Wall Mountings

Animal heads. I should specify, FAKE animal heads. Thankfully he's not into real taxidermy.

I don't get it! He's not a hunter, he's never outside... and yet he's turning up the charm so I'll let him mount a fake animal bust in the kitchen. (It will not work.) Actually, there's a nook in the family room where an animal head would be okay, but I can't have a decapitated moose leering at me while I chop onions. No.

1. This rhino is what started his obsession. We saw it at Anthro a few months ago and he was smitten. $68.
2. West Elm has two sizes of papier-mache deer friends, $41 to $84.
3. Ramsey the Ram is my favorite but sadly the Z Gallerie near us closed, $49.95.
4. I'm almost afraid to post this one, because now he'll want a turquoise moose. Etsy, $130.
5. Rafi the Giraffe-y (I really need to stop naming random things...) is my other best option, $129.95.

Does your significant other have any decorating quirks? Are you/they into fake animal heads? Or perhaps little taxidermied animals wearing outfits? That link contains some NSFW language, btw, but it's hilarious.


  1. I'm so glad my boyfriend doesn't attempt to decorate the house! We'd have motor parts as decor and engine stands as coffee :)
    He does have one Route 66 photo hanging in the living room and it looks pretty good...but that's as far as it goes!

  2. I'm digging the rhino! Luckily my husband just lets me decorate how I want. otherwise our house would be filled with Kiss posters and cheesy Dale Earnhardt shit.

  3. The Rhino has cute ears!!

    I found it shocking that my husband wanted to participate in decorating, but I guess we all want to have an impact on the place we live. But, there are no animal heads at our house! Good Luck

    1. I was shocked, too! But it's been nice having somebody to bounce ideas off of.

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  5. Whoops! I accidentally deleted my other comment! Blog fail.

    What I was saying is: Edi and Lindsay are cracking me up! I'm SO glad my husband has good taste, and most of the time I'm happy to collaborate with him. But sometimes... the animal heads...

  6. No way, your husband likes shabby chic?! I wish mine did. haha. We agreed long ago to keep our place neutral and each of us adds a few bits in his/her own style ;-) No animal heads though!

  7. I still live with my parents so I don't know how that feels like.
    I can't wait for the room that your husband decorates!

  8. I think the ram might be my favorite too. I always liked the faux animal heads, I'd like to get one once I get a house. Feel kinda silly hanging one in a rental.

  9. Yeah these have been everywhere the past few years...kind of hard to avoid them! Peter and I have very similar tastes when it comes to design, though mine tends to be more modern and design-y and his more traditional, we both like clean lines, a mix of vintage and modern, and simple good design. Also, don't let him put it in the kitchen! The family room would be much better. :)

  10. these are cute looking. I'm not sure how they would look in our apt. Probably best in a baby's room. Ryan and I are so awful and interior decorating. We both can't seem to do anything.

  11. Oh I'm glad that they're fake. =) That rhino one is pretty cool! I like the colored moose, but only because I like the color! LOL

  12. We have the complete opposite problem in my house - I wanted a white ceramic Moose Head for our master bedroom and the hubby thinks its very weird. The theme for them room is an elegant rustic retreat, which comes from me missing the lake house my family had when I was growing up. I like the white ones from that Etsy seller - And I will probably get one someday when we finally tackle that room :-)

  13. I love the idea of fake animal heads. So cool.

    <3 Melissa

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