Friday, October 26, 2012

Pinterest Picks

Happy Friday, everybody! I almost had a panic yesterday because I thought I forgot to post this... but then remembered it was only Thursday. Whew.

Let's talk about the things that make this living room amazing. The best way I can describe it is mixing. Mixing the fabric patterns, mixing neutrals, mixing rough and smooth textures... It's just perfection. And there's even an animal head:

The plan is to make more Christmas gifts this year, and not to give anything away for any family members who might be reading today, but prepare yourselves for lots of fabulous salt dough ornaments:

I've been getting into this tribal trend a little bit. In fact, I bought some awesome fabric with the intention of recovering the seat of an accent chair, but when I showed Hubsey and my sister they acted like their eyes were bleeding from ugliness. (Fools! It was amazing.) So I told them I would just make it into a poncho and wear it all the time, but now that I've found this adorable t-shirt I don't have to do that:

I'm not sure what I'll do with that fabric, though, because our rule is that neither one of us can make/buy anything for the house that the other person hates. Maybe I'll have to do a fabric giveaway on here...

Anyway, this is such a smart way to display necklaces. Totally stealing it for my big holiday show in December:

And finally, making a dollhouse of a bookshelf is genius. You can even make your own designer wallpaper out of scrapbook or wrapping paper.

So what are you up to this weekend? We have our Halloween par-tay tomorrow and have done about 5% of the prep work. Guess I know what we're doing later!


  1. Love your picks! The necklace displays are great and look so easy!

    And that living room - I am in love. I've started poking around on her blog too - those drapes are drop cloths!

  2. I noticed the animal head right away :)
    I love the salt dough ornaments and necklace displays...both very awesome!

  3. I'm stealing that display from you, from whence YOU stole it! Lovely!

  4. Love that display! Your show will look amazing!

  5. Great ideas and picks today! I so love that jewelry display too. And the doll house...nice!

  6. you should definitely steal that wood block display. such a super easy idea. Salt dough ornaments. Funny, made them lots when I was a kid, but haven't tried in years. Time to 'grow them up a little'- love the ones you pinned. and can i just say............that TRUNK in the first picture!!!!!!!!! I want, I want, I want.

    you're cracking me up this week. yup, yesterday was thursday and today is friday. at least I think.

  7. Nice ~ yes especially love the display, awesome idea!

  8. Nice picks for today! I love all the colors and textures in the living room photo, but I could do without the animal head. The doll house is such a great idea, I wish I would of thought of that when my daughter was young.
    Everyday Inspired

  9. I hope that you have a great party! Your picks are very inspired as always. I want to try making salt dough ornaments sometime, and I love the craft fair display.

  10. nice picks! I agree family members may be getting salt dough ornaments this year.

  11. We have that same rule (you can't buy something the other hates)...which is lucky for me, but not for him. I always either love something when I see it, or I hate in between. Him on the other hand, he's always in the middle. And on the rare occasion he loves something, I probably hate it. Oops. :)