Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

So let me tell you about this outdoor craft show I had on Saturday.  As you might have guessed from the title, we had some rain.

Before things went downhill.

It basically went like this:

"The forecast said rain, but look at how high those clouds are! We'll be fine."

"It's just a little drizzle. We've had this before."

"Hey, do you think it's weird that a handful of vendors didn't even show up?"

"Maybe we should check the radar."

"So, uh, what's our emergency weather plan?"

The show was scheduled from 8 to 2, but we jumped ship at 11:30. It had been raining for almost 4 hours by then and the tent decided it was cool to drip water all over the tables. A yellow blob on the radar was heading our way, there were NO shoppers, and we had barely turned a profit.

So as annoying as it was to pack up in the rain and get wet after not making any money, at least my product was okay. The woman next to us sold a lot of pillows and cloth items, and her tent wasn't waterproof (it was more for blocking the sun). By the time she pulled the plug, water was streaming down onto her merchandise.

It looks sunny, but that's just my Instagram filter. It was STILL raining at this point.

But on the bright side: wine! After we left, we had ourselves a big Italian lunch and then Hubsey went to visit his grandparents while my BFF and I hit up some local boutiques--including a wine bar. It ended up being a good afternoon (once our pants dried), and I actually picked up some things to make a fun Christmas project. But more on that later.

How was your weekend? Drier than mine? More profitable? (I hope so.)


  1. Bummer on the rain! Man, that is so lousy. But at least you made lemonade (aka wine) out of the situation! Better luck next time?

  2. This is why I'm so scared of outdoor shows! I've done a couple small ones, but outdoor elements can be awful!
    Glad you got to have some wine and spend time with your friend afterwards :)

  3. That's a bummer that it rained! So good that you spent some time sharing a glass wine with your friend!

  4. Well...I would say we've had rain M-F, including on our vacation ;-)
    I'm so glad your products weren't damaged. I much prefer indoor shows both as a vendor and shopper!

  5. Sorry about the show! At least you had a waterproof tent!! The poor woman next to you...I hope none of her items got damaged so that she can't still sell them. Also, yay for shopping and wine. :)

  6. That stinks! Sorry about the rain, outdoor shows are so hit or miss, you never know what you're going to get. Nice to see you were able to at least make the most of it and your afternoon. :)

  7. I spent many years vending music festivals, and it usually rained at most of them for at least a few hours. But one year at a fest in NY, a tornado came through. The booth next to us lost many thousands of dollars of merch, and it was a nightmare. I'm glad you guys got out before it got bad! I was in Austin, TX all weekend and although we had a little rain, the majority of the days were sunny and hot!

  8. Just had a similar experience - indoors! After a summer of never-ending rain hereabouts, we were all set for a craft fair inside. Problem was that it was a simply beautiful autumn (fall to you in the US) day here, with so much else going on outside, that few folks came inside to give us a look/see. Sold two little rabbits, got interest in two golf club head covers (but didn't manage to land the deposits!) and ended up just a little out of pocket. (If the interested parties translate into actual buys, then I actually made a profit!) Such is life. eh?

  9. My weekend was not more profitable, as my show had lots of browsers and very few shoppers, but it was not as wet as we were set up inside. It rained off and on all weekend, and I was thinking about you selling outdoors. :( It's frustrating when that happens. I'm glad that it wasn't a total waste of a weekend, though.

  10. I remember those days of setting up and getting rained out. Sorry your weather was such a bummer. It was a pretty wet weekend here in Chicagoland, but at least it was not super cold. It really sucks to be wet and cold. Sounds like your afternoon turned out much better.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. Wow! I love your display. Was your tent waterproof?

    1. It was, but eventually it just got saturated and started to drip all over the place.

  12. Glad you're tent protected you and your product! The first shot of your display looks GREAT. The wine is a good reward for a trying day.

  13. Oh win(e) some you lose some!! An attempt is better than none at're an inspiration!

  14. oh no - too bad your market day wasnt a good one! at least your products stayed dry and the wine was a good idea!

  15. Oh..too bad on the market but at least the day wasn't a complete waste. I think lunch, shopping, and wine is an awesome day.

  16. Your setup looked beautiful regardless of the weather! Love that tablecloth on the right.