Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shop Update!

I'm in the middle of my twice yearly sales gap for Little White Chapel (the other is in January). Wedding season is over but holiday shopping hasn't really started yet, which means I have fewer orders to make. In years past I would freak out when this happened, but now that it's a pattern and I know it comes no matter what I do, I use the extra time to add stuff to the shops. Which is actually good because I NEVER have time to do it in the summer.

I finally gave Oh Nostalgia a little more attention and have added 11 new things since the first of the month. Some of it is the flowery goodness you're used to seeing...

Flower Stud Earrings, $12

Yellow and Blue Necklace, $22

...And some of it is a little experiment! I wondered how a slightly less girly line would go over, so I made some spikes! I busted them out at my show last month before I put them online, and they got a lot of attention. Here's hoping my Etsy crowd likes them, too.

Spike Necklace, $20

Spike Earrings, $17

I did add a smattering of things to LWC, too, but like I said, wedding season is over so it's not doing much this month. I might take a little siesta and gear up for the holidays in about 3 weeks.

Flower Bridal Cuff, $35

Black Bridesmaid Necklace, $20

I'm also making a bunch of inventory for my last outdoor show of the year. It's this weekend, and shockingly, I'm scrambling around again. You'd think I'd learn, but I always convince myself I have time until a few days before. Sigh.

What have you been making lately? Anybody else going through a pre-holidays sales slump?


  1. I always have plans to stuff my shop for the holidays, but it seems life throws me some punches to slow me down. I just have to roll with the flow and not let it get me down. Love the bracelet.

  2. Every thing looks good! I've been stocking up in my shop as well. I always get a little nervous in case things don't sell!

  3. LOVE the earrings, are they really LIME colored? I also like the black pendants. I've been knitting nonstop to prepare for holiday sales. I'm also slowly getting organized, I did an inventory of my premade items last weekend.

  4. Gorgeous- LOVE the spikes! That's so me:) And those last black earrings are gorgeous too!

  5. The spikes are neat! I hope that your final outdoor show goes well. I have a show this weekend and am scrambling, too. I have no idea why I always wait until the last minute to get things ready.

  6. I have a show on the 27th and I have a list a mile long and am starting to freak out a little bit. Oh, and a baby shower for BFF the weekend before that, to which I committed myself to make a quilt. Hmmm....

    Shops look great!!

  7. The spikes are totally awesome! And the bridal cuff is gorgeous! Yay for adding new items!!! =0) We've been adding new items slowly over the past couple of weeks. I still have a lot to add, but photos just take me forever.

  8. I love that yellow and blue necklace- so pretty!

  9. If I wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off these next few weeks trying to rent out our condo and pack...and take care of a tiny human...I would 100% come sit outside at your booth and keep you company.

    I absolutely ADORE the black bridesmaid necklace.

  10. nice work. I love the spiked earrings.

  11. Definitely going through a sales slump too. Been thinking about doing some fall markets, but I don't know when I'd have time to make enough stuff. I think it would be sad to walk by someone's table if they had like 5 things for sale. haha. We'll see. I hope the outdoor show goes well! xo

  12. Love the blue and yellow necklace!
    September was slower for me than August, and you make a good point about why. With weddings slowing down and holiday shopping not starting yet, that makes perfect sense.
    I bet your spikes will do great on Etsy!

  13. I love the spikes! They should make a nice additions to your shop.
    Everyday Inspired